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Bud the Spud from PEI

I'm baaaaack! I had my fill of potatoes for now. Actually did you know that potatoes are DOUBLE the price on PEI then everywhere else? True fact. So obviously I survived the car trip there and back (there were moments). I won't bore you with the details but let me just give you ONE piece of advice that I really hope you will heed: NEVER, and I mean NEVER go on a trip, especially one this long in length with a newly dating couple. Oh. My. God. There were times I wanted to strangle them. The smoochiness is one thing but c'mon do you have to be tied at the hip? All. The. Freakin. Time. Can you tell I was a little frustrated? It wasn't so much the closeness or even the smooching it was the constant heads together whispering and then omg the giggling!!! I don't think I've ever heard T giggle and to hear it for a full on week was just a wee bit more than I could handle. I'm sure I seemed bitchy a few times when I really couldn't take it. At every restaurant they had to sit beside each other and not across so they could basically be in their own world and ignore us - okay that's harsh but it's how I felt. Basically Keith and I joked that every chance they got to ditch us they did. T would encourage me to take the car and go do something with Keith since she didn't want us to be 'bored'. Mkay. Wait I should clarify that since you're wondering why we didn't just ditch them ourselves and take the car. There was no where to go that was close by cause if we did take the car gauranteed within an hour or two we'd be getting a call asking us to come back. Anywho I really did have a good time. It's just not something I'd do again....with them. I even emailed my sil last night telling her how much I was looking forward to spending a week with them in August. They actually like being with us the whole time and it's a 'group' thing and we just laugh and have a great time. I'm realizing this is coming out way more negative then I wanted it to. But the truth is the truth ya know?

Keith and I were talking yesterday about our trip and we both wished we had done more touristy things on the island. When people ask what we did I really have a hard time answering. We did a lot of wandering but as for places we went the list is small. J had a hard on to go fishing while down there and it's pretty much what he obsessed on for the week until we actually did it. To say I was annoyed would be down playing it. I did try and hide it (with everyone but Keith) but fishing we did go one morning. It sucked. The bugs were out in full force, the sun was beating down on us and nobody caught anything (well Keith caught a tiny fish that he threw back). T went wandering at one point as she is wont to do and J freaked and got in the car and went searching for her. Silly guy that's what T does. We threw in the towel and I finally talked them into going to the beach. I think my biggest pet peeve of the week was the lack of planning. Lord knows I tried but those two were having none of it. It didn't help that we wouldn't actually be ready to go anywhere until noon. After Keith and I headed to bed T and J would stay up for however long so come morning we'd be up and ready to go and they.....wouldn't. Frustrating. I think we both had totally different ideas of the trip. They were happy to go and just be together, forget the fact they travelled 18 hours in a car just to hang out and do nothing. I wanted to see all the sites and experience the island. Lack of communication I guess. I am glad we went but I just wish we had pulled it together and did a little more.

Here's a few stories of the trip:

> T pulled in to our driveway Sunday afternoon only a few minutes late (that was a surprise), she popped her trunk was full. Full as in no place for our stuff. Hm that will make it tough not to be stinky for the week! She had packed a full sized cooler. The cooler had 9 beer in it and about 10 containers of cut up veggies. TEN. Yah we unpacked the cooler, left the beer here and I let her take a few baggies full of veggies. Seriously though.

> Within 4 hours of hitting the road we had a flat tire. It was 7pm on a Sunday no garages or auto places were open. We think it might have been a nail in the tire. The guys threw on the donut and we found a Wmart where they bought supplies to fix the tire. Within an hour we were back on the road!

> We had one pretty good night with the 4 of us in a hot tub - we had all consumed a few bevvies and had a great time. Keith and I got out first and as luck would have it, I knocked my waterproof camera into the fairly large open space around the hot tub. We couldn't reach it and it was too dark to go searching for it. I resigned myself to leaving the camera and searching for it in the morning. I awoke around 2am to go to the bathroom and there on the kitchen table was my camera - J had climbed underneath the deck and found it for me. He was my hero that night.

So those were just a few of the more memorable moments. Although one of my very favourite moments on the trip was the day we got there - 1pm on Monday. We were all so tired and we all ended up just crashing the moment we were in our cottage. Keith and I woke up first after a 3 hour nap. We could have slept more but didn't want to not be able to sleep that night. We sat around until 6 waiting for T and J but they were dead to the world. Finally with our bellies grumbling I woke them to ask for their car keys and asked if they wanted to go out for food. T said no and gave me the keys instead. Keith and I left on our own and we just had a really great time together. It was so nice to be alone and exploring the city together and it was just relaxing. One of the best moments of the trip.

We got back at 3am on Sunday morning. J drove for about 10 hours which although commendable I told Keith that it's easy to drive that long when it's during the day and we're all awake. Keith took the night hours and I still do not know how he does it. I cannot drive in the wee hours of the morning, I get so sleepy no matter how awake I think I am. It was different on the way down when Keith drove all night as he was prepared but on the way back we all had the same amount of sleep and were all on the same sleeping schedule. I guess it just ticks me off that nobody really appreciated the fact that Keith drove the crazy hours that nobody else wanted to.

Anywho, now here I sit Monday morning with a whole week off ahead of me! I don't have any plans which is kind of nice. Of course that also leaves me pretty unmotivated to do anything! I know I am going to have to ban myself from the computer and tv. Our house could use a little tlc and I may just want to think about going back to the gym. Especially after looking at all the vacation pics - gulp - some (a lot!) were not very flattering. Time to get my act together - once again. Even if I just freakin' go for a walk in the hills in my back yard I would be doing better than sitting on my butt thinking about exercising! Maybe I'll surprise Keith and mow the lawn (it's a hand mower so trust me it's a lot of work). Sounds like a good idea actually. The weather is pretty unpredictable this week but right now it is gorgeous out. Maybe on one of my walks this week I will bop along to my new MP3 player! Yah I picked it up yesterday. It wasn't the one we went in for cause the goofs at Best B-uy don't know how to stock shelves and put the $60 one in the $40 place. I ended up buying the better one for $50. Keith wasn't too pleased but after taking it home and playing with it, it turns out to be a much better than the cheaper one.

Alright I am going to post this, catch up on all my d-land peeps and then get this booty outside into the sunshine (slathered in sunscreen of course!!!).

11:05 a.m. - 2009-06-29


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