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Happy Birthday Canada....let me help you blow out the candles!

It's Canada's Birthday today...I should probably send a card or something.

My week off has been VERY unproductive. I mean I knew it would happen, but still I didn't think I'd be this slack. It doesn't help that the weather has been less than co-operative. Rain every day this week. Of course it gives me a great excuse to a) go lay down and read my book and b) nap! The only reason I left the house yesterday was that I had a dentist appointment and even then it was touch and go for a while!

So I realized that after my crabby tirade on my week away I forgot to mention a few things. The one prominent thing was the weather. Every day we would check the weather and it would be dismal. Rain all day. And every day they would be wrong. Oh the sky would become overcast and a few times it would even manange to squeeze out a raindrop or two but more likely the clouds would part and the sun would come out full force. It was awesome. The day we left PEI it was hot and humid. A little too humid especially since I couldn't be in water cooling down. It was pretty cool though cause as we rode over on the ferry we would look behind us at PEI and the sky was blue and clear and beautiful and then we'd look ahead at our destination and the sky was BLACK! They were having a major thunderstorm - lightning and all.

The other thing I forgot to touch on was how awesome it was to visit with my friend Rara (name changed to protect the not so innocent). I hadn't seen in her 6 years! She has two kids now - I knew that - but one is almost 5 and her little girl is 3. They are adorable and little monsters all at the same time. Her little girl had quite the health crisis when she was 18 months. Rara and I stayed up late the night before we left after everyone had went to bed. I had only heard bits and pieces from my mom about her daughter's health crisis so Rara told me the whole story from beginning to end. By the end I could understand how this little girl could get away with murder - they nearly lost her a couple times in fact at one point she had no pulse and was seconds away from no-return. Scary stuff.

As much as I complained about our lack of site seeing and J and T all over each other, the trip for me, was totally worth it just spending time with Rara. She's hoping that her little family will be making a trip to Ontario next year in which case I'd get to see her - they have a lot of people to visit so it would just be quick but quick is okay with me.


Anywho. I've been bad. Very bad. After Keith and I had a talk about my NOT buying a case for my new mp3 player (I apparently already own a few) I went out shopping anyway. I know. And here's the worse part. I didn't buy one. I bought 3. Yah. Nope make that 4. BUT in my defense I do plan on bringing back 2 of those 4. 1 of the 4 only cost $5 so that's okay. See I didn't have the mp3 player with me and it seems that nobody makes the kind of case I want for it - clear plastic that I can still use the controls (oh and a sports strap). Only ipod makes them for there stupid players. So I would find one I think would fit and buy it. I'm all about instant gratification. Of course the last one I bought Keith was with me and didn't say boo while I was buying it so obviously he forgot about our talk. Tomorrow I will return 2 of the cases and get my money back - problem solved! But shhhh Keith still doesn't know about it.

Well I should probably go and um do something. Not sure what. We don't have any grand plans to leave the house. I'm sure there are several things going on in the city for Canada Day but besides not interesting us the weather is threatening rain. I may try and talk T into going to see fireworks tonight but I don't hold out much hope for that either. Both because of the weather and her lack of interest in going because of her boi.

But regardless I'm going to make the most of the rest of my time off. It's been pretty sweet not working for 2 whole weeks. I could get used to this quite easily....especially if the money kept rolling in. Oh yah.

10:51 a.m. - 2009-07-01


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