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Sometimes being honest with yourself is just depressing

Do I or do I not feel like writing an entry? I honestly can't decide. I have quite a few thoughts floating around inside this head of mine but meh.

I just organized a bunch of my clothes and it just...depressed me. I came down and told the hubby in all seriousness I have a problem. I can't stop buying clothes. It's not so much the money cause I really am a bargain shopper and like to frequent the thrift stores, it's more the reason behind my purchases. I don't like the way I look in my current clothes (or even worse they don't fit) so I buy more to make myself feel better - except it's not working. Sigh. I know the answer. I know I have to just throw myself into exercising and cut out the crap food that we always have lying around and maybe start chopping those serving sizes in half. Of course saying and doing are two different things aren't they? Although I have to admit the Wii fit has forced me to face the number on the scale. No more living in denial!

Well we went to the drive-in last night. Remember how excited I was to go? Well I was still super excited on th drive over. Then I turned onto the road the drive-in is on and came to a complete stop. The line-up was huge! We crawled to the drive-in for a good half hour. There were 2 lines but only one girl in the booth so that didn't move things along in my opinion. She did have two helpers on either side but the guy who 'helped' us was a 'jokey' guy that I wanted to punch cause really I just sat in a line idling my car along for half an hour and all I wanted was in the freakin' gates. We got in and drove straight to the back. The screen was a tiny dot on the horizon - suddenly I wondered why I was eager to go to a drive-in. The people in mini-vans totally pissed me off. They park backwards and then flip their tailgate open and block the people's view behind them. I thought this wasn't allowed but since it was 70% mini vans then I guess it's allowed! I spent the first movie craning my neck on Keith's side to see since the left side of the screen was blocked for me. Basically I didn't see any of Ice Age 3.

The second movie about 20% of the people left so we moved ahead a few rows and had an unobstructed view of the screen (yay) but we were still very far back so that will have to be a rental when the movie comes out to see the details. By the 3rd movie over half of the people left and we moved up to the second row and it was a perfect view! We layed our seats right back and I put my feet up and it was perfect! Of course I then had to fight to stay awake cause it was like 3am. We made it home by 4am and around 5 is when I finally fell asleep. Do I even have to mention how screwed I am for work tomorrow? I'm really hoping I'll be able to sleep early tonight. I only slept 6 hours so here's hoping!

Alright I'm getting the stink eye from the hubby (not really I just wanted to use that word) but we now have to go and figure out our food situation if not for the week then for tonight. We are such procrastinators!

Oh one more thing - while cleaning my clothes I found a sheet of paper where I guess I wrote a story I had in my head and damn it was good! I wanted to keep reading more but I only wrote a page....maybe I should follow up on that eh? Peace out.

4:04 p.m. - 2009-07-05


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