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Written Yesterday: Tuesday

I just went to the bank at lunch and totally blanked on my pin number. Totally. I tried it two times and then the teller asked for id and accessed my account herself. Talk about embarrassing. I have worked with the same 4 numbers since I’ve had a bank card – I have re-arranged those 4 numbers a few times and I guess my ol’ brain has had enough. So I changed my pin number to a totally different 4 numbers – you see where this is going right? Expect an entry sometime soon detailing how I could not debit anything because I totally forgot my new pin number!

After that encounter I headed to another bank to put money on my line of credit. I must have waited in line for like 10 minutes. There were two tellers but one was just for business accounts. While the rest of us waited in line some random jo would walk off the street and get immediate service. Nice. I was thisclose to sending one of my ‘bitchy’ emails but then I realized that would initiate a phone call and they would want to play nice with me and probably even try and get my business back since I don’t do the majority of my banking with them anymore. Oh but I was tempted. Basically I want to say, “See! This is EXACTLY why I left you guys and went to a BETTER bank, cause of shit like this”. Ahem. But I guess at least I’m getting it off my chest.

It’s Day Two of being back to work. It’s like I never left. Quel Surprise. Although yesterday I was working up a storm all morning and things were going fast and furious which was great and then BOOM I hit the 3 o’clock wall and wanted to go off and hide somewhere until it was 4:30. Sigh. Let’s hope this afternoon goes a lot better.

Although I did have quite the surprise when I came back to work. I think I mentioned that I have a little ‘duck’ thing at work. I collect them. I have all kinds – tiny devil ducks, little princess ducks, regular yellow ducks, magnetic ones – it’s a nifty collection. Well while I was gone a few co-workers thought it would be funny to have my ducks wreak havoc on the office and took many pictures of the ducks escaping and then being bad (smoking and drinking!). It was actually quite hilarious and I got a huge kick over it. My ducks were all ‘trapped’ in a cage on my desk labelled Delinquent Duck Prison when I got back. Priceless I tell ya.

I also went back to the gym yesterday. Woo boy. I forgot my lock so rather than take the chance of my identity being stolen from my locker I lugged my purse around with me from machine to machine. I thought about chancing it but realized that was a huge risk to take for a little inconvenience of carting my purse around. I could have just carried my wallet but my underwater digital camera is in my purse along with my phone and stuff. I didn’t even bother showering at the gym since carting my purse into the showers was pretty unappealing – don’t worry I showered when I got home…I’m a sweaty sweaty girl. You can bet I found my lock and put it back in my bag asap. I had taken it out to go swimming with T last Friday. I’m supposed to be going swimming with her tomorrow night again which means I’ll have to take the lock again – I could get another lock but there ain’t no way I’m gonna cram anymore numbers into this ol’ head of mine! I guess I could get a key one but then I could totally see me dropping that key in the water while swimming and I think the pool is like 15 feet deep in the side we swim. Don’t worry I’m not bitching about all this I’m just bored and rambling.

Tonight is Mexican night…aka Margarita Night! Boy howdy have I come to look forward to this night! I wasn’t even a margarita person before we started our mexican nights. But Keith makes a wicked margarita in the blender – yum. Hm I think I might be hungry even though I ate an hour ago. I had some tuna on a couple weight watcher wraps – those wraps are tiny! They were ‘free’ courtesy of Keith and I found them in the freezer while frantically looking for lunch food the other night.

I think my body thought Sunday night was a ‘one-off’ kind of thing. Going to bed at 10 and getting up early? Yah it didn’t necessarily agree to that idea last night. I made it to bed by 10:30 and then proceeded to toss and turn for well over an hour. Getting up this morning was just plain hard. I had set my phone alarm for half an hour early (again) cause I really have this hope that I will wake up and WANT to exercise – be it on the Wii or going out for a power walk but NOPE I would rather switch that sucker off and roll over and go back to sleep. I did more than turn it off this morning though, I also re-set my alarm to sleep in even later than my regular alarm! This girl needed sleep – badly! Good thing it’s a casual day so I didn’t have to put too much thought into dressing.

Speaking of clothes, I’m trying to figure out my outfit for Keith’s sister’s wedding. I am really tempted to wear my nicest pair of black capris with a super fancy top. But I’m afraid it won’t be ‘nice’ enough. Granted they are getting married on the lawn of her parents house and then being school bussed to the local legion for the reception so how fancy does one have to be? I think they’re trying to do it on the REAL cheap which there’s nothing wrong with that but I was a tad put out when the RSVP envelope wasn’t even labelled to go back to their address or worse it didn’t have a stamp on it. I found that pretty tacky. It’s the small things that matter at least that’s what I found when I planned my wedding almost 4 years ago. Speaking of my wedding….or anniversary I guess. I am really trying to work on Keith to get me another floating heart necklace. I’m hoping the guy will take pity on me and just get me another one. I’m not gonna hold my breath though.

A’ight my neck is killing me, and I guess I should get back to work. I think I’ll post this now so I don’t forget tonight while I’m swigging back my margarita(s).


So yah I got caught up in work and forgot to post the above. My bad. Yesterday had a much chiller vibe going on. Today it seems we’re nose to the grind stone and just not the same care free feeling – ugh. It probably doesn’t help that I have a headache. Not sure why. I think I’ll definitely go out at lunch. I wasn’t planning to but I think I need the (cool) fresh air. Hopefully the short walk will do me good since I’m freakin’ sore from the gym yesterday. I walked in the gym and ran into my trainer buddy and he noticed I hadn’t been there in a while and said that we were doing weights today – who am I to turn down professional guidance for free plus I was also going to do weights anyway. But wow did he push me to ‘do my best’ and then some! So sore. I’m supposed to swim with T tonight so hopefully if I don’t drown I will walk away feeling much better.

Hopefully I will go home and be in the mood to make banana bread. My bananas are so far gone. Normally I freeze them but there seems to be a lot of frozen bananas in my freezer so I figure I should try and actually make some banana bread this time. I’ll search for a good recipe in a while (I like to keep trying now ones until I find one I absolutely LOVE).

Keith and I had Mexican night and it was as usual awesome! I sure am loving those margaritas! We also watched the world’s worst movie – and I’m not just saying that cause Nicolas Cage was in it - it was Knowing. Man that sucked! Oh it was just BAD. His acting is just plain bad as well as the acting of the kid who plays his son. It’s definitely not a movie you can get in to.

Alright I’m gonna post, eat my lunch and then head outside into the sunshine (the cool sunshine – boo).

*Heh, almost forgot to post before leaving for the sunshine!

12:13 p.m. - 2009-07-08


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