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Finally a weekend that didn’t seem to zoom by!

Well I’m back. I disappeared for a few days – mostly unintentional – nah I’m lying it was pretty much intentional. I wasn’t in a good place when I last wrote. I went home that night and discussed everything with the hubby. He said it sounded like I was depressed. I would never in a million years think of myself as depressed cause things like that just don’t happen to ‘me’. Yah. Mostly it helped just talking about it. I think there are a lot of financial and emotional issues to deal with right now and neither is going to fix themselves over night so I am going to have to just learn to stop running from my problems and begin dealing with them. Also better coping mechanisms would probably be good – hoping our financial problems just fix themselves isn’t too realistic. The hubby was a lot more understanding then I thought he would be. I also told him that PMS was rearing its ugly head and I could feel those crazy-fly-off-the-wall emotions on the surface begging to come out. He did get a taste of it a couple days later when I completely flew off the handle over some serious cookie making business.

I had a pretty darn good 3-day weekend. It felt super long since we packed quite a bit into it. On Friday the hubby and I took off to Grand Bend (once again) and went there for the day. It was gray and threatening rain as we left our city behind and once we got to GB it was all sunshine and white fluffy clouds. We found a parking spot and then went and walked the strip for the next hour or so. We grabbed a bite to eat and a few drinks (I had a Sunburn!) and then finally headed to the beach for a swim. It was quite windy by the water and the water was pretty turbulent. We had a crazy fun time playing in the waves. There wasn’t a moment you could let your guard down in the water because a wave would come and bowl you over. It was a little exhausting in that respect but so much fun as the waves would throw you around. I always made sure to keep the hubby in my line of vision and if he went too far out I would call him back in – he can be a risk taker that man but I was having none of it. In fact at one point a young guy went out too far and the waves were too much and he actually went under several times and was drowning. We all began to yell for help and the lifeguards had to swim out and rescue the guy. It was a scary couple of minutes but the guy was all right – he was pretty shaken up you could tell.

We didn’t end up leaving till around 7 and then we stopped on the way home at a couple shops and spent more money. The hubby got cranky at that point and then upset because he had brought me down with his crankiness. He was most upset about that. But I think we managed to salvage the night by making a few ham sandwiches when we got home and cuddling on the couch until we were too tired to keep our eyes open – he made it to 10 and I made it to 11. Party animals!

Saturday we didn’t have time to lounge around as we had to get ready for his sister’s wedding. The wedding started at 2 so we were planning to be there for 12 so we could help out with last minute things (it was being held at his parent’s farm). We drove to the legion where we were supposed to park our car and be bussed to his parents except that their was a baseball tournament going on and there were only a couple spaces open and the bus driver seemed to have no idea what was going on so Keith and I drove the 5 minutes to the farm to check out what was going on. The wedding was pretty chaotic. I was in charge of putting out food and drinks before and after the ceremony. I kept the 3 punch bowls brimming! Of course I wasn’t wearing proper foot wear to be stomping up and down the stairs but what could I do? Oh yah we found out that the wedding actually started at 3pm – they put 2pm on the invites so people would show up on time. Who does that? I was a little peeved as that meant we had 3 hours to kill and most of it was spent working (for me). I guess this is what happens when you’re no longer a ‘guest’ and are family.

It had threatened rain all day but somehow the rain passed us by and after the ceremony it was sunny and bright – great for pictures! I didn’t hear a word of the ceremony at all as I sat in the back row with Keith who was given the task of holding the dog (on a leash) during the WHOLE time. Needless to say he was covered in dog hair – in his nice suit. They couldn’t leave the dog in the house because she would bark and whine the whole time. Seriously? I know people love their animals but c’mon if your dog is going to be a nuisance then YOU watch it. Gah. The bride and groom apparently wrote their own vows but….yah didn’t hear any of it.

The reception was just as chaotic in my opinion. It was almost 6:30 – more than 2 hours after the wedding ended and there was still no sign of the bridal party. The caterers put out the salads and no one knew whether they should eat them or not. I ate mine. Finally at 6:50 they showed up and we ate just after 7. They didn’t have a song coming in to the hall which was kind of odd – it was dead silent as the dj announced the bridal party. The groom was bragging about how much he “saved” on the wedding – in other words cheaped out. Ah well as long as they were happy I guess.

The plan had been for the hubby to drink and I would be the dd but since he was slow to start I took charge and started pounding back the table wine! It was free! Plus I’m normally not a wine drinker but this one was actually pretty good and yah my glass never seemed to be empty for too long. Needless to say by the end of the night I was feeling pretty darn good. I began to really feel the effects on the drive home – it’s funny how perception works – I could have sworn as we were leaving that I was fine and hey could have probably even drove but then as we were driving down the dark country road I realized there was no way in hell I could have driven. We got home around 1am and my head barely hit the pillow before I was fast asleep.

Sunday was definitely low key as we were both tired and sore (those waves from the beach gave us a real beating). We finally pulled our act together around 1 and headed out where I had some hangover food from the golden arches. I had been waxing nostalgic about it to Keith the night before and even though I knew it wouldn’t sit well I wanted to relive the good ol’ days when my body could handle that kind of grease after a night of drinking! After the ‘food’ we headed out and did some shopping for the week ahead. I will be the prime dinner maker which scares me to no end. Okay not really but I’m not looking forward to it since I plan on hitting the gym every night this week after work and the last thing I’ll want to do is come home and cook a meal. But the hubby is gonna be on a killer route this week and is gonna be in desperate need of food and sleep. This week will be practice for next week when he will not only be on this route again but this time with no help. At least he’ll have our vacation too look forward to at the end of it all. 2 more weeks till our cottage vacation….I think I can manage to hang on a little longer!

UPDATE: The SIL just emailed 10 minutes ago....she won't be drinking at the cottage cause she's PREGGERS!!!! 10 weeks along!

12:19 p.m. - 2009-07-20


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