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Oh look the stomach hates Monday's too!

It’s Monday! I heart Monday! wait that’s Fridays I heart. Whoops. I sometimes amaze myself that I manage to make it to work on time (most days), showered (always) and dressed appropriately (ie matching). Most days I usually even manage to put some make up on while sitting in the drive-thru at tim’s. It astounds me really.

I’m starting to feel the excitement build about going on vacation next week. With that excitement comes the ‘holy crap I don’t have enough time to get everything done that I need to get done’ feeling. Meh, I saw this coming – it always does. I leave everything till the last minute and then I freak out – all the while thriving on the rush.

This week is going to be insane. I have already decided I am banning myself from the laptop. I haven’t decided if it will be a total ban or give myself half an hour after I get things I need done every night. This is also Keith’s second week on the Hell route. This time he has no help on the route so I imagine it will be even longer days. Let’s just say I won’t be counting on him to help me out with the packing and cleaning. Normally we wouldn’t worry about having the house clean before we left (we wouldn’t leave it a sty but we wouldn’t worry about mopping the floors etc) but since we’ll have company I like the house to look sparkly.

I debated with myself this morning the merits of skipping the gym not only today but this week. I could get a lot done. I immediately decided against that idea. The gym makes me feel good about myself. It makes me feel like I’m making a difference - for the better.

Although right now my body is paying the price for yesterday’s day of junk food. Keith and I had a planned tv day. We watched all our episodes of the Torchwood mini-series. We had homemade wings and chocolate and chips. It was just gluttony. I did end my day with cheerios. Apparently that last ditch attempt did not appease the stomach gods. I am as I type this bent over at my desk praying that I don’t cough too hard if you catch my drift. I just spent the last few minutes running back and forth to the washroom and I took a few pink pills that thankfully I keep at my desk. I do not want to go home because of this but I also don’t want to spend the day running back and forth to the bathroom especially since there’s always guaranteed to be someone in there when I go in. Just work pink pills – work!

Time Out for a while.

Okay well the tummy thing was NOT good. I knew when it started making these 'sounds' I was doomed. I whipped off an email to my covering manager, sent my co-workers an email that I was leaving for the day and then I got out of dodge. The tummy was not happy. It's since calmed down but OW! I feel sort of bad for leaving cause we're already down so many people but it's not that busy so I know they'll manage. I have even tried to be productive since I got home. I began cleaning the spare room out and putting clothes aside to pack for both Keith and myself and I'm doing a bit of a laundry - speaking of which I need to throw my comforter in the dryer!

Done! It's our summer comforter and I wasn't sure it would fit in the washer but it does. I had to wash the comforter cause Keith sweats a lot at night and yah it wasn't smelling so pretty. Sheets are one thing cause they are easy to change but comforters are a pain in the tush. So besides that I've been slowly wandering around the house tidying up. We have a TON of cardboard lying around the house but neither Keith and I can find the twine so we can bundle it to put it out for recycling. I'm trying to make it my mission to find this stupid twine but so far it's not making it easy.

Well I said I wasn't going to get caught up in the laptop so I better post this and get back to making progress!

1:53 p.m. - 2009-07-27


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