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Toot Toot (wink)

I meant to update today while at reception but dang I was busy! I actually did some work I could have pawned off to a co-worker but like a schmuck I told her I could handle it while at reception. I did but it made the day really busy. Not such a bad thing now that I think about it.

I am VERY glad I decided against having my leftovers for lunch. I made - yes I made - a chicken and bean dish. 3 kinds of beans. 3 kinds of trouble! I wasn't too bad but good thing I decided to space it out - tomorrow's lunch is the leftovers!

I am so freakin' comfortable right now. It is my favourite way to be. I am wearing cute pajama capris with a tank top covered with a sweater. I am such a sweaty girl that I revel in actually being cold! I love wearing cute sweaters and hoodies cause I never get the chance. I am actually hoping that it is chilly in the evenings next week when we're at the cottage. I want to be sitting outside around a fire wearing my comfy camping pants (cargo pants with tons of pockets) and some comfy sweater. Not cold or freezing but just a touch of cool. Oh and it MUST be hot during the day. Alright I added that last part in hopes that that's how the weather will be.

I slept like crap last night. I went to bed at 10 only to find Keith still awake (dummy). Finally around 10:30 I turned my lamp off (I was reading) and Keith finally began to snore softly beside me. My brain clicked ON and I just could not sleep. I layed there thinking about everything under the sun (I admit mostly vacation stuff and my to-do lists). Finally I got up after Keith stared snoring hard core and went into the spare room to spread out. I ended up reading off and on for the next THREE hours. I didn't finally doze off until 1:30 and then my body decided 6:30 was good enough and I should wake up. Amazingly enough I was not tired at all today. I was actually pretty chipper. It may have something to do with pre-vacation excitement.

Tonight I got home from work to find a sleepy and slightly cranky Keith. He had been to the dentist and had two fillings. I told him to brush and floss everynight! He did nothing all day (besides the dentist) which I honestly can't be too upset about it cause he is killing himself at work this week with the crazy long hours). Still I had to get something accomplished and crossed off our to do list so I made him come out with me to get our oil changed. He had originally wanted to change it and even tried on Sunday but had a problem. Almost $300 later we had our oil changed. Yah that's what I said! So many flushes and new belts and special ding-a-lings that we HAD to do NOW. Actually I know that a few are legit but I'm sure they see sucker on my forehead when I walk in there. As long as the car doesn't break down on us next week!

I debated mopping the floors tonight but as I got home from swimming and jumped in the shower to wash the chlorine off my body and hair I decided to hold off. I'll probably end up doing it all Friday night when I can stay up late and get things done and not have to worry about working the next day. For now I think I'm gonna watch my recorded Big Brother shows and just chillax and HOPEFULLY get tired enough to actually SLEEP tonight at a decent time. That would be oh so nice.

9:47 p.m. - 2009-07-29


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