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Off to start the vacation adventure!

I really don't have time for an entry right now but meh when has that ever stopped me? I am already on my second load of laundry and that's after only 6 hours sleep so go me!

It was one helluva day yesterday but let me start from Thursday. Thursday was our get together at our co-worker who is retired and the one that has the brain injury from the car accident a few years ago. I say that because I few people at work took offense that they weren't invited by her via email. The woman is the sweetest darling person in the world and loves to have get togethers just because she likes having company and entertaining. Yah so these people weren't 'officially' invited even though they knew about the party thus couldn't 'attend'. Whatever. It was a small crowd but we mananged to have a great time. So great in fact that I didn't get home till after 11.

So that takes care of me, I've been out having a fun and wonderful time. Keith on the other hand - oy vey - he has been having the crap end of it I tell ya.

Thursday - the night I was out partying it up - he was also out - not partying it up. He got home at 10:30 that's a 19 hour work day. He then proceeded to get back up at 4am and go to work.

At 6:45am I got a phone call - from him. His work truck had run out of gas and he was on the side of the road. I looked up a few numbers for him and then stumbled back to bed for a few more minutes of sleep. A while later I found out that the truck rec'd some gas but still wasn't working. He had buggered up some fuel pump or something like that. Fast forward to 6 hours later and the truck is in the shop and Keith has rented a truck so he can work.

I got home at 5 (after skipping the gym thank you very much) and proceeded to sweat my body weight out while scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom clean. Keith and I kept in contact all evening and things were not looking good. He was beyond tired (duh) and we knew he wouldn't be able to drive himself home. He was toying with the idea of sleeping in the car and just continue working Saturday. He got in touch with the owner of the route and the guy was going to work Saturday for him. We tried to think of ways to get him and his car home but it was 10 o'clock at night by this point and it was unlikely to find anyone willing to drive an hour to rescue my poor boy with me. So it was decided that I would drive the hour and pick him up. We would go back for the car on Saturday.

Luckily I had layed down for a nap/rest from 8 - 9 in anticipation of the drive and staying up late. Basically when all was said and done Keith and I didn't drop his rental truck off until 1am and weren't home until 2am. We actually ran into the route owner (who needless to say isn't too happy with Keith about the truck thing) while fueling the truck at midnight. He had actually tried to talk Keith into working today - so basically after being up for 22 hours Keith would have got 1 hour sleep and then back for another day of work. Hell no.

We got home - after eating crap food on the way home cause we were both starving - and passed out almost immediately.

And now. Now we have to begin our rushing around to get ready for the cottage tomorrow and our company tonight. Keith is slow to moving (again duh) but I have a feeling my patience is going to be tested today. I can feel the edginess building in me. I want to be ready when my bro and sil arrive tonight. I want Keith to get his hair cut (friggin' fights me on this EVERY time I ask him) and we still need to drive an hour there and back to get his car. Oh the fun! Breath deeply. I'm sure it will ALL be fine and I just have to remind myself we are officially on the start of our vacation and we have to begin relaxing and just de-compressing! Siiiiiigh. Let it begin!!

Well I am off to take out my 2nd load of laundry and letting the fun of the day begin!

See you in a week!

9:47 a.m. - 2009-08-01


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