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Just a regular Jo this weekend. I had a 3 day weekend all ahead of me and then good ol' CW came crashing down on my plans and turned it back into a 2 day weekend. Ah good ol' CW. Apparently she 'just' noticed that too many people would be off on Monday and since I was the only one there to 'pooh pooh' she voted me off the island. At first I resisted - hard. I played her game and I only communicated via email since I didn't want it a her word against mine - classic CW.

Basically I just said that this past Monday she let 5 people be off what was differet about this one? Then she went to a co-worker and totally 'led the witness' by "asking" him how horrific Monday was and how they were all run off their feet. She seriously said it like that. Cause my co-worker had no idea what was going on and is a dude he just sort of agreed to get her away from him and back to his itunes and there she had it! Of course I made the HUGE mistake of lying. Why haven't I learned by now? Lying is BAD. I told her I had made appointments for Monday which I was planning on doing - massage - eye brows etc. But then for affect I threw a doctor's appointment in there. Too far. Too late.

The best part is she eventually gave in and was giving me my Monday off and I was the one who said no. Reverse psychology? Nah I just decided that the doctor's appointment was too much to fake and since I really do have to make a doctor's appointment soon I would just try and make my appointment for the middle of the week and take Wednesday off. I will also be able to spend the day with Keith as that's his day off as well. Don't get me wrong I will have some harsh words for the gal who made this so-called schedule up and why she screwed me over twice on my flex day - and yet none of hers needed tweeking - interesting! I ended up scoring brownie points by telling CW that I would come in Monday and just re-book my appointmens. Now she owes me.

I will try and choke back the bitterness for a while and go on to the rest of the week in which we had some huge drama at work. There was an incident at reception in which a client came in who had a no trespass and our temp girl was at reception and had to deal with this. Thankfully in my whole time here I've never had this happen. There was a lock down for a while. We couldn't leave the floor. In the beginning we had no idea what was going on and all of us were worried for our temp girl. The police eventually had to be called cause the guy wouldn't leave. He wasn't violent or anything he just thought he was in the right and could be there. He wasn't.

The shocking part came the next day when we found out that our security guard was let go. We're still not exactly sure what went down. I think the higher powers didn't like the way they handled it and basically they've been looking for a reason to let him go. I'm still shocked. Even though he could be annoying as hell it sucks that it had to happen like that.

I at least got to leave early yesterday at 3:30. I came home expecting to find a house that was spic and span - not even close. I was a tad grouchy that I had to walk through the door and begin cleaning. I held my tongue even though I really wanted to ask him what the hell he had done all day? He was going to cook for my parents and aunt and uncle's visit but that couldn't have taken ALL day. I did eventually realize that he had in fact done a lot of repairs and fixing things around the house. My parents called and were running late which was perfect since we could slow things down and actually had time to relax before they arrived.

Our little dinner party went off great. The weather was so freakin' hot but we still ate outside as our company insisted. My uncle was quite touched that we threw a dinner party in his honour (his birthday). He told us many times how great it was. We had to rush it a bit as they all had a 2 hour drive still ahead of them so we didn't want to make it too late. They got back on the road around 7:30.

Well the hubs just got home - it's 11 - yay nice and early! Not sure what plans we have for the day but I think I am going to go and heat up some leftovers - mmmmm chicken n'ribs and corn on the cob and then see where the rest of the day takes us!

Oh one more thing....during the last part of our vacation we found 2 water logged lotto tickets by the pool. For fun I grabbed them and thought we would check them. We have yet to check them. I know that the tickets are probably duds and we'll end up throwing them out BUT I can't seem to bring myself to check them. I like playing the what-if game.

Now if only that what-if game could come true.....

10:25 a.m. - 2009-08-15


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