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Sleeping in is great....especially on a work day!

I'm waiting for the hubs to get home. It's 6pm. Normally I would just be arriving home as well. I went to the gym after work like a good girl, began to unpack my bag and realized I forgot my gym shoes at home! I wore them home on Thursday and forgot to repack them in my bag. I packed my bag back up and headed home. I tried to work out...I tried.

Today has been a weird day. I could not fall asleep last night even though I went to bed at 11. I refused to look at the clock so I'm not sure what time I actually drifted off to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling like crap. I decided to set my alarm for an extra half hour like I sometimes do. As that half hour expired I decided to add on another half hour which I knew without a doubt would make me late (there's no way even I can get ready and be at work in 10 minutes!). I didn't care. I reset my alarm and headed back into dreamland. I did get up with my second alarm and made the call into work - I must say that part of me was excited to be making the call. I knew as soon as my boss heard my voice she would be assuming I was calling in sick - I would have loved to seen her face when she heard that I was just running late. It was pretty awesome. I then got ready for work at a decent pace. I obviously should have taken a bit more time in the packing of my gym bag! I didn't have to worry about lunch (good thing since we have no food in the house) as I always keep some spare soup at my desk for such an occassion. Oh just a suggestion but when it's a wickedly hot day outside maybe it's not the best idea to have soup.....especially when your cubicle isn't the nice chilly place it should be on a day like today. Live and learn...and learn and live.

So my weekend. It was pretty good - a bit of a mixed bag. On Saturday I did indeed have leftovers for lunch with the hubs and then I sent him off to bed cause he was beat. I then spent the next few hours alternating between reading outside in the wickedly hot heat and hiding downstairs in our basement catching up on my recorded shows. I did that for the afternoon and it was perfect. Saturday evening my belly began to make me aware that it was none too pleased at all the grease I had been shoving in it and began to rebel. Keith gave me a couple gravol cause we couldn't find anything else. We had subs for dinner and I was feeling kind of woozy all through it. We started a movie around 8 and I was toast. I couldn't even keep my eyes open! By 10 I was sent to bed and I swear my head barely hit the pillow before I was snoozing. I'm guessing it was the double dose of gravol that did me in. Keith still can't believe that stuff hit me that hard. Any medicine barely works on him. I think he's jealous.

Sunday he was up before me (sleepy girl) and we decided to go to the beach to beat the heat. Obviously everyone else felt the same as we spent forever in traffic once we arrived at the beach (the beach btw is 90 minutes away). It's the only decent beach that is closest. We looked for parking and found nothing. We went to our secret spot but that had also been discovered. We eventually found a spot barely big enough for our car but we made it work. I did the directing while Keith parked it. It was tight. He may have nudged a bumper or two - no damage. We had an awesome day at the beach (didn't have to pay for parking), got 2 free cobs of corn and I bought a couple more cheap rings. Oh and we played in the water - a lot. I was a bit worried about the car and wondered if it got damaged when the cars on either side of us had left. Imagine my surprise when the same cars were sitting there when we returned. We mananged to once again wedge ourselves out of our spot (easier this time) and then hit the highway for the long drive home. Luckily the hubby drove both ways so I was free to enjoy the scenery.

Well the hubs still isn't home so I think I'm gonna have to give him a call and see what's up. He must be so freakin' hot and dehydrated! I bitch about being hot in my cubicle but I cannot imagine working in a hot truck all day getting in and out and actually doing manual labour in soupy weather like this. Ugh.

Oh yah my boss asked me today when my doctor appointment was, I told her that I left a message on Friday and cancelled it and would re-book it. Of course I have since decided that I'm not going to re-book it for this Wednesday as Keith is off as well and we have decided to have a play day instead. Too bad the doctor was all booked up that day!

I um bought a piece of exercise equipment last night online. It's that free site Ki-ji-ji. I've never bought anything off it - oh wait I bought my car on it! Okay I haven't bought anything besides my car! I didn't tell Keith cause I know he'll hate that I'm spending money and say it's a waste cuz I won't use the equipment. I am going to tell him but it looks like I'll be able to delay it till I have it home and he can't ask me so many questions. I'm heading out in a few minutes to go to the woman's house to get it. And no I'm not gonna mention what it is till I play...I mean use it and see if I got duped or not!

8:20 p.m. - 2009-08-17


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