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Well....hello there......

Um - hi. It's been um 15 days since I updated. I feel like I ran away from this site for a while. I guess in a way I did (updating only). I would feel the ol' urge to update while at work - not have time - get home and the urge was gone. Rinse and repeat. Plus? Nothin' and I mean nothin' is new on this end. And anything that is, is just bad stuff (money crap, health crap) that really doesn't make me feel like writing about said crap. Sigh.

I saw my doctor today and that always brings me down cause I'm never doing better only worse. The meds have been upp'd once again but this time I think it's unjust cause I ran out of them a couple days ago and was already antsy about going to the doctor so my bp was sky high and he took this as a sign to up them. Even worse is that it's my own fault. If I had just recorded my damn bp for the last few weeks I would have had proof it was fine - but I didn't - so really I have no proof that I'm doing okay. Have you ever just felt like kicking yourself in the ass? Hard? Yah.

I also have this eye thing going on. I went for an eyebrow waxing on Friday and the woman talked me into getting my eye lashes tinted. I have never even considered this before but she went on and on about my long lashes (which they are) and she had time so I said 'sure'. I looked a bit goth at first. Jet black eyelashes and this smudged black line underneath my eyes. The line wore off and the lashes actually looked pretty good. It was after that that my eye began to itch. I would rub my eyes and they would turn red. This has been ongoing. I feared I was allergic to the dye or even had pink eye cause my eyes were that red (mostly the left one). Yesterday I actually called in sick to work and told my manager the problem. She also suggested it was wise not to come in cause if I did have the ol' pink eye and was contagious...yah not good.

So I tried calling the doctor to get in earlier and at first the line was busy and then when I did get through their computers were down and they were not booking appointments. I had an appointment for today anyway so I just enjoyed my day off. Today since the eye was still 'red-ish' I called in again. Keith was off today too so as you could guess I was pretty upset that the hubby and I would have to hang out all day together - wink wink.

The doctor's appointment went as expected. The nurse took my bp - sky high - he breezed in checked out my personal bits - asked me a few questions - gave me a few seconds to ask a few questions - chastised me for running out of bp pills and not coming in sooner (hi - he was on vacation!) and then left. Good times.

After the appointment Keith gave me the best tasting cookie ever (it was probably a GAJILLION calories) and then we headed to the movies to see District Nine. Not my cup of tea but Keith wanted to see it and I wanted movie popcorn (again another great choice when you have high bp!!).

So yah that's about all right now. I saw my friend S this past weekend and even though the girl can drive me crazy I LOVED seeing her. If things go as planned we will be seeing each other again in a few weeks.

This weekend is the LONG weekend. The K man and I have no plans. Well his sister and her new husband are supposed to be dropping by but besides that nothing. I was kind of bummed about it at first - last hurrah of camping and all that - but it has been so freakin' cold at night lately that I am okay about not going.

Well wish me luck on trying to get to sleep tonight - work tomorrow - after 5 days off - ugh. Oh and since I knew it wasn't pink eye almost from the get go I am going to have to play up the eye thing to my mananger - without lying of course cause we all know where that gets me!

Oh and just to let you know how little it takes to make my world a better place these days - I currently get excited when I hear the new lipton side kicks commercial cause it has my mikey singing during it. Sad but true.

Here's hoping the fresh new sheets I put on the bed today and a good ol' sleeping pill will get this gal asleep before midnight!

9:49 p.m. - 2009-09-01


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