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Smoke 'em if you got 'em

In what alternate universe am I the one going to good ol' CW and asking her for favours for others on my team? Yah too funny. I know this love affair her and I have going on won't last long but I'll enjoy the ride for as long as I can.

I surprised a couple of my co-workers yesterday. After work they asked if I wanted to meet them for a drink to celebrate a birthday. Normally I say no and go on my merry way. I told them I would call Keith and then might meet them there. I did call Keith and I did meet them there. I shocked them. It's good to keep people on their toes!

So it's the beginning of the long weekend. Not too much planned. In fact today's plans are up in the air. Several weeks ago we made tentative plans with one of Keith's sisters and her new husband for them to come over - the guys wanted to make jerky. We never did hear from them to confirm. We sent them an email yesterday (yah we don't use the phone in this house) and still have not heard from them. I have a gut feeling they made alternate plans (it is the long weekend) and won't be coming. Keith did use the excuse of maybe company coming to smoke a turkey. Mmmm smoked turkey. He put it in when he left for work this morning at 6am.

I had to check it at 9. Luckily I woke up at 9:05 (from a frightfully scary dream about being attacked by several people) and rushed out to find it needing more wood chips and liquid.

Besides that we have a whole lot of nuthin' planned. I'm hoping to convince the hubby to do something tomorrow that involves going out in public and enjoying this awesome summer-ish weather! It's weird not being uber excited about this long weekend. I just came off a long weekend last weekend (plus 2 extra days because of the eye). Essentially I worked 3 days this past week. Next week I only am working 2 - Tuesday and Thursday! The week after (my birthday week) is gonna be a shocker to the system - working 5 days in a row!

Next weekend I was supposed to go in to T dot for a girls weekend but the girl who was hosting sent this email that she's just not up to it (apparently she's suffering from some mild depression and she's gained a bunch of weight she lost on weight watchers a few years ago). I sent her an email last night trying to convince her it would be a good thing to still have it (her hubs is going to Vegas that weekend so I really do think it would be good for her to have friends over). I doubt it will happen but I had to try.

Speaking of trying - I am once again trying to plan our Oktoberfest weekend. Each year I find it just gets worse and worse. People are so non commital it's almost useless trying to plan anything in advance. I think Keith and I are just gonna have to pop out a kid so we won't have to worry about planning these things anymore. Would that be wrong?

Alright time to go and spend some time with the hubs who just got home. Regardless if we have company tonight one thing is for sure we WILL be eating Smoked Turkey - aw yah!! Oh and we will be doing it in a clean house since we also had to spruce up for our maybe company!

11:43 a.m. - 2009-09-05


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