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This entry is brought to you by the number 69!

69. It's been 69 days since I stepped on the Wii. The hubby and I were sitting around last night and for kicks he pulled the Wii out and did a 'fitness test'. It had been 71 days since he was on it. He gained 6 pounds. I didn't want to step on but I was rather curious. I had had a pretty decadent summer and the clothes were feeling kind of snug lately (that should have been my first clue not to get on the damn thing!). But curiousity got the best of me (curious-me!). So I did the damn fitness test and to my surprise in 69 days I mananged to gain 2.4 pounds. Huh. Not as bad as I had thought! Not good that I gained at all but considering I really ate anything and everything I wanted this summer the gain wasn't that bad.

Lately we have been on a health kick (yes again). Although this time it's stuck for more than it's normal 3 - 4 days. It's been a couple of weeks. It's so much easier when Keith initiates these kinds of things cause I tend to cave as soon as crap is put in front of me. But if it's not there then he will foist the healthy stuff on me such as the carrot sticks he has cut up and put in the fridge as well as the fruit salad he made in bulk and put in the fridge. I'm not saying I'm not craving the junk food cause I am but at least Keith is making it easier on me. I actually ordered a salad yesterday when I met T for lunch. She had chicken wings, beer and cheesecake for dessert (not normal for her at all!). I had snacked before I went to lunch (healthy snack!) so I resisted the temptation to order my usual non healthy entree. Go me!

So not too much has been going on. I had a blissful 2 day work week! Man it sure makes the week go fast! I worked Tuesday and Thursday. On Wednesday I went to my brother in law's wedding. He got married outside in a beautiful park - the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. It was actually quite hot outside. Afterwards we went to Red Lobster for a lunch/dinner celebration. They couldn't afford to treat so it was every man for themselves. I had tried to psyche myself up to order just a luncheon deal but when everyone around me started ordering the ultimate feasts and huge meals I couldn't resist and ordered my once a year birthday meal - Ultimate Feast - lobster tail, crab legs, shrimp and baked potato. Mmm! You see Keith hates RL and it's all I can do to get him to go there for my birthday. I sometimes want to try other places for my birthday but since it's so hard to get him there this is the only sure way I can normally get him there. Now that I have my RL craving satisfied I can actually pick another restaurant this year to go to - and I already have chosen. I'm psyched. It's another seafood place!

So today is the beginning of another 3 day weekend (I can never tire of these!). Originally I was supposed to go to T dot tomorrow to hang out with S but plans got kiboshed and then they got resurected but T sort of talked me out of it. I wouldn't have surrendered so easily but Keith also has all 3 days off so leaving him would have been a bummer. Tonight we're going to the Horse Races - an annual tradition for my birthday. We're all meeting at C's at which I hear there will be cake and presents and then it's off to the races! I don't even like gambling but I love me some horse races once a year! I totally lose (I only bet $2 a race) but it's still fun to cheer on your horse.

Tomorrow I am going to attend my belly dance teacher's grand opening - even though I never did truly commit to going so I imagine I will shock her when I go. Then tomorrow evening Keith and I are going to hang out with T and her guy and his daughter. It's going to start out as a sophisticated wine and cheese party and then when that's done we'll get in to some real drinkin'. We're not gonna get shit faced but I imagine we'll have a nice buzz going on. We're gonna have T drive us to their place and we'll cab it home - it's only a 5 minute cab ride so it's not too bad. That way we won't have to deal with sleeping on couches and getting up at crazy o'clock in the morning with his daughter. Heh.

As for right now, I'm dragging Keith out to go walk with me in the hills behind our house. I have been doing that more this last week or so (without Keith). It's about time I started taking advantage of the nature behind our house - the view is beautiful and it is quite the workout cause these hills are steep! My butt has been sore all week as well as my legs so I know it's working! I even made it to the gym 2x this week to do weights. Beeeefcake!

A'ight I'm outta here! Have a great weekend y'all!

12:22 p.m. - 2009-09-11


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