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This entry is being brought to you by the number.....35...gulp.

Another one bites the dust. Is it wrong to live for the weekends? It is going to be so hard working a 5 day work week this week! One day at a time I guess. Although today and tomorrow I get to chop a little time off the ol' workday. Today I left at 3:30 to go get the stickers renewed for my car and tomorrow I will be going in at 9 (one hour later) cause it's my birfday! I decided a little sleeping in would be in order. In hind sight I probably should have taken the day off but it always gives you a little spring in your step and makes the day not so bad - except if I have to go on those pesky phones. Maybe if people give me a hard time I'll just tell them that it's my birfday and they have to be nice to me!

As for the weekend, I almost didn't go to the grand opening of my belly dance teacher's opening. I'm not sure what got in to me but I almost copped out. Then I realized how much this opening meant to her and forced myself to go. I think she may have been a little peeved at me for not emailing her the past few months. She sent a plethora of emails in fast succession and when I didn't reply to the first or then became awkward to reply so I just didn't. Sad but true. Sometimes I'm a sucky emailer.

After the opening I headed home and hung out with the hubs until we headed over to T and J's. Actually T picked us up since our plan was to cab it home. We had a pretty great night even though our hosts were pretty tired (chasing after the 2 year old all day will do that I guess). We had our sophisticated part of the night and sampled 3 wines and 3 variety of cheeses. Then we began pouring the harder drinks (lemonade and vodka for moi) and snacking. Finally at 1 we called it a night. We ended up forgetting our Wii at their place but the cab ride home was so quick that I really can't remember it. We stayed up till 2 chatting and trying to sober up as it sucks to do the pass out sleep.

I slept very poorly from 2 - 5 until I finally got up and stayed up for an hour or so feeling my tummy rolling and wonder why I do this to myself (cause it's fun at the time duh!). But all was well when I woke up at 11.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful and Sunday was basically spent recuperating.

Tomorrow I'm having Keith take me out to a fancy restaurant for my birfday. I was on the website tonight and it seems kind of pricy so I was having second thoughts. But really when will we ever go here? It's seafood based so it will never be for our anniversary this may be my only chance to get him there and for me to try it. We may have to break the bank but hey aren't I worth it? I'm curious to find out what the hubby got me for my birthday as we have this hit and miss approach when it comes to gift giving for each other.

A'ight I am gonna wrap this up, maybe convince the hubby to play a game of pool and then it's off to bed at a decent time. I must make the most of my extra hour of sleep tomorrow! Why? Cause it'll be my birfday!

9:22 p.m. - 2009-09-14


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