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Catching up...2 entries in 1

Um hi. It's been a while since I last updated! In a strange turn of events I have been avoiding the ol' laptop in the evenings. This is mostly due to another obsession that just started and that both Keith and I share - The Big Bang Theory, the show, the last 3 seasons. I caught an episode here and there but I never got into it..until now. So every night we've been settlin' down with our remote and each other. Oh and I've also been belly dancing again. It's only for a recital that we're doing next Wednesday (4 practices before the big night). At least it got me belly dancing again...for free. No complaining there. I was off today and had an hour massage. I didn't enjoy half of it. I had this weird pain in my back - I think I was laying funny (damn big boobs) and tried shifting a little but nope. Then I swear I almost had a panic attack at one point and I'm still not sure why. I should have said something during but I didn't. I'm lame like that. Oh I should also mention we had a BIG coup this week at work or at least that's how it felt. We had a meeting with our manager's manager. We told her how things were and have always been just we were no longer being quiet. I did feel kind of bad since things between her and I have actually been good. My manager is gonna be gone for 3 weeks (on vacation) and as I said to my co-worker before I left yesterday "let's hope she has a job to come back to!". Seriously. She is non-union.

Okay I am now going to post what I wrote on Monday about my b-day weekend cause this journal is also used as my 'memory' and I like to have a record of these things! So here ya go - 2 entries in 1 and all for the low low price of FREE!

Monday's Entry:

I think I may have a case of the Monday's. I am feeling very uninspired at this moment so I am forcing myself to write. It helps that I am unable to surf the net right now so I have one less excuse why I can't write.

My weekend at the parents went okay. My younger brother and sil couldn't make it. The worse part is when I talked to him on my birthday I got the impression they were coming (my brother said something like 'when we see you this weekend...I mean if') so of course I thought they were just putting me on and would be there. I think they were planning to but my sil is having some issues with her pregnancy. She is dealing with high blood pressure. She had it before the baby but weaned herself off the meds I believe so she could get preggers. It was going well but now it has jumped back up. Not good from what I hear. I'm trying to be accepting of the situation but I was still pretty bummed they weren't there. My older brother arrived Saturday afternoon with my two nephews (my sil and niece has soccer commitments). It was a low key party and I think my parents felt pretty bad about that. About 7 of the regulars couldn't attend for one reason or another. It was still a nice little get together and the cake my mom made was to die for! I kind of regret sending the rest home to my niece and her mom. Yum!

Saturday morning Keith and I got more than we bargained for. We ended up helping people move. I don't really want to say 'friends of the family' since they aren't. Although they do spend a lot of holidays with us (Easter, Thanksgiving etc). They are more of my uncles friends but they drive the rest of us ape shit cause the man is ignorant in a lot of ways and he really doesn't understand the term of 'thank you' when someone helps him. We helped out cause everyone who was already helping has health issues and Keith and I were the 'young and healthy' ones. It turned out to be not that much stuff but it was heavy so I'm glad Keith was there to prevent my dad from lifting stuff.

Afterwards we grabbed some lunch at a nearby restaurant and then headed home. It wasn't until we pulled into the driveway that I realized I had left my purse at the restaurant. My cell, car keys, camera, wallet were all in there. My mom called the restaurant and sure enough they noticed I left it right away and put it behind the counter for me. I didn't breath properly until I had it in my hands and made sure all was still there. It was.

That evening we headed to the derby and watched the cars smash into eachother. My parents left around 11 but the rest of us stayed till it was over (around 11:30). It was cold. The youngest nephew fell asleep on his dad's lap while my other nephew cuddled up close to me to steal my body heat - it was cute. He was pretty disappointed that all the rides were closed as we left the derby - I was kind of shocked too but pretty happy cause I was tired.

Sunday my mom had a surprise for me as part of my birthday gift. She knew that I never got to see anything to do with Ann of Green Gables in PEI when I visited this past summer. There is a place nearby where LM Montgomery lived for 6 years when she first married her husband. He was a minister which I didn't know. The place was closed but my mom sweet talked them and we got a tour of the church and the manse where they lived. The historical society is in the process of fixing up the house to make it look exactly how LM Montgomery had it (she took pictures of it and wrote in her diary about it). The house was used by the different ministers and eventually renters up until 1990. It was a pretty cool tour though. I did learn a lot and suddenly have this yen to read more of her books.

Keith and I headed home from there and as I was driving I noticed that I was not only sleepy but very lethargic. We traced it back to the allergy pill I had taken earlier that day. Keith ended up driving the rest of the way home as I was feeling pretty loopy. We got home, made some dinner and watched some tv. By 8pm I was fighting to keep my eyes open and as Keith went to bed I went up also and was asleep before he was. I slept 10 hours. The kicker is I still didn't wake up refreshed but I may have just overslept. Stupid allergies. I never had them all while growing up and now for the last few years they are aggravating me.

I want nothing more than to kick back at home tonight and just chill but I will instead be heading out to belly dance at 8:30 (this seems very late to me - gawd I'm old). I emailed my instructor and basically told her that I cannot justify spending the money on bd while the hubs and I are not exactly floating in extra cash but she still wants me to come in and at least go to the free practice sessions.


End Scene.

I just wanted to mention that all week I have been going to bed late - between 11 and 12 and last night what time was I snoring away? 10:30! Of course that meant I was also wide awake as the hubby left for work at 5:30. I read till 7 or so and then back to bed till 10am. Not too bad at all. Off to make dinner for the hub now! Have a great weekend!

5:07 p.m. - 2009-09-25


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