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Woohoo - another heart!!!!

Happy Anniversary to Moi. I stayed up late last night making my hubby a cutesy happy anniversary sign. It took freakin' forever and didn't turn out exactly as I planned but he liked it. Not that I saw his reaction cause he saw it at 3:30am.

He came home with flowers, which I managed to find out before he came home with them - I seem to be very good at ruining surprises. It's a talent.

We exchanged gifts. I gave him a sweater that he'll probably never wear - it's hard getting that man to wear sweaters! I also got him a Wii game he has been wanting for ages. He told me to look under my princess hat for my gift (which I had put off to the side after my b-day and never touched again to return it to it's proper place - that man is clever). It was a jewlery box. Inside was a floating heart necklace!!!! Now, it's not exactly like the first one - it's BIG. He thinks it's the same size or just a wee bit bigger but trust me a woman knows - this heart is WAY bigger than the last one. White gold. The chain is also white gold. It's beautiful and I love it. I am now scared to death of ever losing this sucker. Let's just say the D word would be thrown around! Good thing he loves me tons!

Speaking of which, I woke up from a messed up dream this morning in which the hubby and I were on some kind of an island and he was supposedly given the task of killing me. Yah you read that right. I think it involved water. But each day when it was time I would cry and tell him I didn't want to die and he would decide not to kill me. The 5th day was the last day on the island and his last chance to kill me - I cried and he decided to not kill me after all. WTH???? Dreams are crazy!

Well on that note I am gonna end this entry, my plan WAS to go to be early but stupid Private Practice is on and I have to find out whether Violet lives or dies - my hunch is lives even though they started the show with a funeral - the guy looks like he did in early flash backs which gives away that it's not a current funeral. I've ceased making sense haven't I?

G'nite! Oh and just for the record 4 years ago today was a HOT and beautiful day. Today was cold and windy but sunny!

10:04 p.m. - 2009-10-01


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