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Ho hum. I have had this little box opened up all day on my computer. The thoughts and stories of what’s going on in the small corner of my world are there but for some reason putting them into sentences and typing them seems to be beyond me. I did just switch my keyboard so that may help. I had my split ergo one which is fun to type on but so frickin’ loud. The regular keyboard is much quieter. I think Keith thinks I’m a nutbar for when we’re in computer stores and near keyboards I am compelled to fake type on them. I love the feel of keys and finding out the different sounds of clickety-clacks the keyboard’s make. Just one of those fascinating tidbits about me!

I find it absolutely amazing how pms can affect me. I know I should be used to it after all these years but nope, it still astounds me how I can go to absolutely euphoric (!) to the depths of despair that normally involves a lot of negative critiscm of myself and even touches on self hatred (body wise – always body wise). It just blows my mind. I have negative thoughts about the bod 24/7 I know this, but come the week of the period and I have full blown hate going on inside. Sigh. I must get out of this mindset. I have so much going on and so much to look forward to in the next few weeks. I must concentrate on that.

This weekend is gonna be jam packed full of Fall greatness. It’s also gonna be all packed neatly in a 4 day weekend! Starting Friday we will hopefully be downtown watching the tapping of the keg signifying the start of Oktoberfest! Friday evening we will be heading in to T dot for Fear Fest at C@n@d@’s Wonderland. I’ve always wanted to go. I’m a little worried about the weather but it’s the only time we can go so I guess if it does rain we’ll have to make the best of it (no rain checks). Saturday we’re heading to my parents for Thanksgiving Canadian Style, Sunday we’ll come home and then Monday we’ll go to Keith’s parents and do it all again – you can never have too much turkey!

A jam packed weekend for sure. And that is just the start for the fun busy weekends ahead of us.

I went thrift store shopping with T on the weekend. We hit 3 stores. I mainly wanted to look for work pants but managed to find a ton of tops instead! Go figure. I was out today doing the pms shopping (shopping cause I’m depressed) and found a pair of black work pants for $20. These are much needed so I can’t beat myself up too much over the purchase. After all the shopping I was feeling tired and had a headache so I ended up having a laydown for an hour or so. Then it was the hubby’s turn. After that it was time to get spruced up and head out for a fancy schmancy dinner at a local steak house that is pretty much beyond our means except for special occasions such as this and a gift certificate! It was a great night. Although I have decided that I need to have a ‘wrap’ for such occasions when it’s not cold enough for a coat but you need something. I don’t own a wrap. I have to rectify that.

In fitting with the big ball of ‘ugh’ I haven’t exercised in weeks. Excuses are plenty but none are truly valid. I was getting some form of exercise with the belly dance practices but nothing really cardio worthy. So far it’s been a scratch this week as well as yesterday I went to dinner and a movie with a couple girls from work and tonight is Keith and mine’s dinner and chiro night.


Well still no exercise but I did get 2 loads of laundry done and cupcakes made for my co-worker's birthday tomorrow! And now it's sleep time!

10:28 p.m. - 2009-10-06


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