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Just as predicted with this crazy PMS I am feeling just ducky today thank you very much! I even just got back from another shopping outing and yes I know I shouldn’t be spending the dough since for once our account is in fine form (this won’t be for long after the hubby dips into it to pay his crazy outstanding bills). But you see, I’m wearing the pants I bought yesterday for $20 at the Bargain Shop (that’s the name of the place). These pants are Awesome. They fit great, feel great and look great! The material is one that won’t fade after a couple washings unlike the cottony blends I’m used to. Of course my plan is to wash these suckers and make sure they come out unscathed before clipping the price tag off the other pair I just bought. I went back to the store and got me a second pair – it was meant to be. This store gets stock in from higher end stores (I’m not sure how and personally don’t care – I’m getting quality brand name clothes for a CHEAP price). Yesterday the sizes weren’t labelled so you had to dig around inside the pants to find it. Today was no exception. Except for my pair. They were the only pair on the rack marked. They were also the only pair left in my size. See? It was meant to be! I, of course, should have stopped there but I did buy only practical things – underthings, trouser socks,regular socks and a pair of gloves (that is just wrong I know). It came to just over $40 so all in all not too bad. I really do need black work pants. My other thrift shop pairs have ‘issues’.

So last night was the back cracking date night with the hubby. I wonder if I can cut back next year and put more money towards massage instead? I think I’ll talk to the hubby about upping his sessions (the man is always a mess) and then I go with him every second time so we can still have our swiss chalet date afterwards. It’s a nice little tradition we got going on. Although last night we had the special which included pumpkin pie and can I just say that it was NOT good pumpkin pie. Normally when one eats pumpkin pie, the first taste you recognize is pumpkin – not so with this one. I have no idea what kind of spice it was but it wasn’t pumpkin! Hold on, I’m sending them an email!


Alright I sent it. It took me so long because I typed it all up and just before I hit submit I decided to ‘ctrl c’ it in case the internet crapped out on me as it is wont to do – but instead I hit another key and deleted the whole thing! I nearly gave up but dug deep and wrote it all again.

Speaking of writing, I have decided to do nanowrimo again this year. I came up with a story idea a few months ago and wrote a page about the idea now I just have to find it so I can get the inspiration flowing again.


All good things must come to end. Thankfully not my mood which is kind of surprising cause yesterday this episode that just happened probably would have pushed me over the edge. Just a few moments ago I was putting together these packages which we send out (we call them kits) and I dropped a couple, as I bent to pick them up I heard this rrrrrrip. Fearing the worst I went to the washroom and was not surprised to find my pants split open at the back. So much for not taking the tag off my other pair. I quickly went back to my desk, grabbed the new pair and changed into them (back in the washroom – I’m not an exhibitionist I swear!). This may be why the pants were so cheap? This may also be why I shouldn’t have had that cupcake and should be back to exercising asap. Now I have to look at them tonight and figure out if I can just sew them back together or return them. Probably sew. Oh! I know what I can do! I can bring them home with me this weekend and get my mom to sew them on the machine! She’s awesome like that! Must not forget to pack the pants this weekend!

So speaking of going over the edge I swear to God I almost wept on my home after work yesterday. Why? Because of stupid people who can’t drive. It annoys the living hell out of me how people drive. These are just a few of the MAJOR pet peeves that have me wanting to ram by car into everyone:

- People who go into a very busy turning lane and then proceed to sit a full car length back from the vehicle in front of them thus causing others to not be able to get in the turning lane and forcing a back log into all the other lanes. For the love of all that is good and holy move the f*ck up!!!

- Once in a turning lane and the arrow begins to flash do NOT suddenly decide to drive like a 90 year old blind person taking driver’s ed! The little green arrow only flashes for a certain amount of time and people want to actually get home in this century – use the damn gas pedal!

- If you know your lane is ending cause Hello we drive this way every single morning but you want to get the edge over everyone and cut in front of all of us once you get to the light where you should be turning but instead cut me off – do NOT be surprised when not only do I NOT let you cut in front of me but honk my horn to show you that you are indeed an A**hole!

I feel better. I really do. I think I may need to start chanting mantras over in my head when I’m driving in rush hour traffic – something soothing and calming. That or just turn the radio/cd up right loud and just bop along to the music and ignore the ignorant drivers around me!


Well my evening went better than planned. I came home to find Keith on the phone with his mom (she's a talker) so I changed into the ol' workout clothes and went and exercised with the Wii. Fun times. Then I had an awesome dinner - yum! We even managed to fit in a movie tonight - Year One - which I would totally recommend 'under the influence' of some sort as it seems it would be a lot funnier. Now I am barely able to keep my eyes open and want nothing more than to go to sleep so that is what I shall do. Gotta rest up for my Friday tomorrow - yeehaw! G'nite!

9:58 p.m. - 2009-10-07


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