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Our day of fun isn't going so well.....

Woo boy I sure hope tonight goes better than today! I got up after a sweet 9 hours of sleep and exercised (yah that shocked me too).

The hubby and I headed out to the tappin' of the ol' keg around 11:20. We got there and stuff was happening on stage - and it was pouring rain. We stood around til noon watching stuff and then they thanked everyone for being there. Um hello? Didn't you forget the tapping of the keg? We left after taking a few pictures and headed off to find food.

We were eating and the waitress totally forgot our table existed - didn't ask how the food was or refill my drink which sat empty for half the time we were there. Then the hubby made a joke that I had asked him to stop making several times and I lost it and began to cry so I had to excuse myself and go to the can. He felt like a total jackass when I came back and was upset (when I say STOP I really do mean it). The day sort of halted there. We didn't really get our groove back (yet - there's still hope right?). We paid our bill (a $2 tip was left - she was nice when she DID talk to us). We then headed shopping. I popped into payless and found nothing I liked - no wait I did find stuff I liked but it was brutally expensive and totally not worth it! Then we headed to W-mart where we spent a lot of time shopping and spent more money than planned. I did find a pair of sneakers I liked for a good price.

After we got home we went our seperate ways to relax for a while. Now we should be starting to get ready for this evening's fear fest. I really really really really hope the rain at least slows down or better yet Stops all together. I would love to just have a nice evening with the hubby being scared out of our gourds. Is that asking too much? I guess I'll find out!

PS - when I got home I jumped on the oktoberfest website and saw that it did say it started at 11:30 BUT then I went to another website and it said that it started at 11:00 with the tapping of the keg. Nice. Yah I sent them off an email suggesting they check their facts! Gah!

5:19 p.m. - 2009-10-09


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