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Cliffhanger? What cliffhanger?


Sometimes I wonder if itís worth having a 4 day weekend. I am so frickiní tired today! I imagine if I kept my sleep schedule like youíre supposed to I wouldnít be this tired but unfortunately my internal night owl always wins. Cíest la vie.

Now letís see if I can gather my concentration enough to make a coherent entry! Iíll let you be the judge.

So I bet youíre wondering how the rest of my Friday went. I bet you could hardly sleep not knowing whether my Friday night got any better or not. I will keep you in suspense not a moment longer!

We left home around 6 oíclock and headed in to T dot. I knew there would be traffic so we probably wouldnít arrive till around 7:30. By 7:30 I think we were barely off the ramp heading onto the main highway. Traffic was horrendous. I saw our fear fest night slipping further and further away the longer we sat in rainy bumper to bumper traffic. By 8:30 I was ready to turn the car around and just call it a night. The money I spent on the tickets would just have to be sacrificed. But lo and behold the traffic did start to pick up and by 9:05 we had arrived at our destination. The rain which had been a torrential downpour had all but stopped and the weather actually ended up enhancing our experience. We went through all the mazes (10 or 12 I canít remember). As things do, it actually worked out better that the weather kept people away. If there had been a packed crowd you would have been going through the mazes like sheep and not getting the full affect when the Ďmonstersí jumped out to scare you. A few of the mazes were outstanding, very well done. A few rides were also open. We did go on one of my favourites Ė the Bat. We could have went on a few more but I wasnít feeling it. We caught the show at the end of the night in the nice warm theatre (by that time my cold wet shoes had managed to make the rest of me cold so I wasnít too upset to call it a night). The drive home was pretty brutal though as we were both so tired and as I was the driver I kept having to force myself to FOCUS. I swear we werenít home 2 minutes before I was sound asleep. It was just shy of 2am by that point.

The rest of the weekend was filled with turkey dinners (3 to be exact) with all the trimmings and of course PIE and various desserts and time spent with family (both sides). Thankfully all of our travelling was done in beautiful weather and for most of it I got to sit back and stare at the beautiful Fall colors. Sometimes I forget just how beautiful and amazing it all is. Itís nice to be reminded.

We got home from my parents Sunday evening and were back out again the next day travelling to Keithís parents by noon on Monday. Needless to say nothing got done to prepare our house for our Oktoberfest party this weekend. As usual we will probably be cleaning like mad come Friday evening and Saturday morning! Although Iím kind of hoping since Keith isnít working this week that wonít be the case!


Okay only 40 minutes left of the day. I keep going through these intense SLEEPY moments at work where I want nothing more than to place my head on my desk and sleep. Thankfully my little corner cube is actually blowing cold air on me thus keeping me awake. They better not switch over to heat! Iím wearing a top that I bought while out shopping with T a few weekends ago. I think itís cute but I never got one comment on it so who knows! Iím also wearing a coat that I bought in PEI at the thrift shop which is kind of neat. I was thinking about it as I drove into work this morning. A nice cute coat from PEI for around $10 I believe!

Speaking of spending money I have been on a search for a pair of black boots that I can wear with skirts and be kind of dressy yet still comfy. Yah itís been tough. I think I finally the pair today. Well I hope so cause I bought them! They were $60 more than I wanted to pay but realistically not too bad. I looked at a few places so I know whatís out there. The lady made sure to show me the boots I bought in a catalogue type flyer and told me what a good choice I made cause they are super popular. Actually I tried on 3 different pairs and she told me that I have a Ďgood eyeí cause I was picking out the popular ones. Of course I think she really just wanted to make a sale so Iím not pretending to be a fashionista here!

Letís see what else? Oh I also bought a lipstick at lunch but Iím sure thatís not that interesting. A darker color to wear this weekend while out polkaíing. Iím sick of blending in Ė thatís fine while at work but at night I need something more! Hereís hoping my $12 (yikes!) doesnít go to waste!

Oh we picked our x-mas names on Keithís side yesterday. I got his mom. Guh. Not the worst to pick but she wants a Christmas village. Um hello, thereís like a million different kinds out there! Holy pressure batman. Iím not sure if she has any already so what if Iím responsible for setting the tone of her x-mas houses!


And I'm home, comfy and cozy in my pj's and wrapped in my robe. I am d.o.n.e. I got home and managed to get a little cleaning in - the living room. Then I even managed to fit in a half an hour of exercise (my legs are gonna be screaming at me tomorrow!). Now I am watching a little tv before heading up for bed around 9. I doubt I will go to sleep then but I do plan on having this tired bod in the bed under the covers! Sleep is calling out to me like a lover who has been ignored for too long!

8:05 p.m. - 2009-10-13


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