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Frosty wait....frost AND pants


I made it up to bed by 9:15 last night. I didnít go to sleep till 10:30 though. The body was willing to sleep but the mind wouldnít let it. Ah well at least I still got my 8 hours in!

Is it wrong to bring a Ďspareí pair of pants to work? I had my mom sew my other pants that split Ė thankfully it looks like poor construction rather than um Ďover-loadingí issues. Although that didnít stop me from feeling leery this morning when putting on said pants. As a precaution I grabbed a pair of back up pants!

Iím wearing another top that I bought on our 2nd hand shopping trip a few weekends ago. I already got one compliment on it! Although I almost didnít wear it cause it feels like too much of a boob top. The girls are well displayed!

So today, October 14th, I had frost on all the windows of my car!!! I think my scraper is in the trunk but since I was running late (which was odd cause I was running early as I was getting ready) I just used my bare hand. My hand was warm so I melted the side windows enough so I could see out of them. The windshield was a wee bit too big for my hands so I used the defrost on that. But man I canít believe weíre dealing with Frost already! I even wore my gloves this morning although it was more because I wanted to than because I was cold. They are new and oh so comfy and cute Ė especially the faux fur. I really want a black winter coat. My light blue one is okay but I want a more sophisticated one. Cute gloves, big girl boots and now a sophisticated new coat.....what am I turning into....a grown up?!

I emailed T last night about swimming tonight and so far havenít heard from her. Women.


Is it really worth the paranoia of wearing these pants? I am walking around feeling my bum making sure there are Ďrips or tearsí. Letís hope Iím not being as obvious as I think I am!

Never heard back from T so I emailed her again. The girl has too many email addresses. Swimming is off tonight which is okay by me. With Keith being home itís nice to hang out with him Ė maybe tonight weíll actually hang out in the same room together. I plan on cleaning the spare room, doing a load of laundry and exercising when I get home tonight. Those are my goals.

In a couple of minutes I am off to lunch with a few gals from the office to the Beer Tent! The weather is co-operating this year (ie not raining!). Iím also going there tomorrow for lunch with my friend P. Too bad I really donít like beer or these would be some awesome(r) lunches. Although not getting fired for coming back intoxicated and reeking of booze is probably a good thing too.


Lunch was....expensive. Iím a little disappointed in the olí beer tent. It just seems to get worse and worse as years go by. The price of the food is going UP and the quality of the food is going DOWN. My friend bought a cabbage roll. One single roll (quite tiny actually) and it cost $5. That is highway robbery. As for myself I had schnitzel on a bun and this year sauerqrat(sp?) was 50 cents extra! WTH man? Sadly the meal did not fill me so I got a bag of very salty popcorn for $2. I guess this is supposed to prompt me to drink more beer (if I actually bought any that is). I was not impressed. Now I have to go back and do it all again tomorrow with another friend!

Unfortunately I have found something to fill the void that my small lunch has left Ė candy and lots of it. Our counter today is filled with all sorts of Halloween chocolate and candy. I think I might try out a tip I read in a magazine in which a person brought 15 pieces of fruit at the start of the week and by the end they had to be all gone. That would be 3 a day. Tough but better than reaching for the chocolate or ju-jubes!

Iím feeling the need to re-organize my desk. I have obsolete files and knick-knacks all over my desk. It would also give me a chance to put out my Halloween stuff as I think itís time!


So bored. I really want to go home. I am having an email convo with both C and T. We are playing catch up with each otherís lives. Sad but true. Iím hungry...but for real food not snacks. I still havenít cleaned or organized my desk. I have decided I want to bring my digital camera frame to work and put it on my desk but as of yet I donít have a spot. I could create a spot but it would take quite the re-arranging. Do I have it in me? Weíll see.


Okay I exercised when I got home and as I was prepping this entry to post I realized I hadn't done any laundry - I rectified that tout suite and it is now gyrating away! The spare room may not get touched but then again I may do a little when I go upstairs to bed in a while.

As for right now I am gonna post this and watch other people's dysfunctional marriages on tv!

9:11 p.m. - 2009-10-14


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