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I'm too tired to think of a title for this entry

Work day musings:

Ein Prosit! Yup, I was just at the store I cannot help but spend money at – H@ns House! They have so many cool and awesome things for Oktoberfest (and all year round if you are so inclined). Each year I get a button for my hat (I’m choosy now so not just any ol’ button will do!). Although I just bought 3 more buttons! One is a chicken (for the chicken dance of course!) and the other 2 are small ones of Uncle H@ns and Aunt Fried@. Aunt Fried@ has been dropped from the scene or so it seems since the last few years they only showcase UH. I also bought a herbacin hand cream set cause it was an Excellent price that was a complete bargain for $10! Oh and I bought a stocking stuffer for Keith (never too early to start x-mas shopping!).

Lunch with P was okay. The food was still overpriced and lacking in quantity. Things are still going bad for P. He is considering gastic bypass – well his doctor is suggesting it and he’ll be taking tests to see if he qualifies. Poor guy. Obesity runs in his family and his dad is not doing well at all – currently in the hospital. While we were eating lunch the above mentioned Uncle H@ns made an appearance so of course I had to whip out my camera and take a picture! If I had been drinking I know I would have made someone take a picture of us. Maybe if other people had been taking pictures and he was slowing down I would have done the picture thing but he pretty much did the chicken dance and then ran out of the building. I think he makes an appearance at all Festhalls so if he comes by on Saturday when we’re out nothin’ is stopping me from getting a pic with him!

Evening Musings:

Second load of laundry is currently gyrating away in the washer. Spare room is 80% done. I would say I'm about 90% done. Man I am so freakin' tired. Last night despite being tired I could not fall asleep till after midnight. That will not happen tonight - mark my words.

I don't have much to say. Keith is currently playing his game until I call him down at 8:30 so we can watch Survivor. I was upset with him earlier as he put our halloween treat bags together. I thought we would do them together so I got my nose out of joint over it. Maybe I'll just have to carve his pumpkin when we get them next weekend. That'll teach him!

Mkay I'm off to fluff & fold now!

8:00 p.m. - 2009-10-15


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