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So darling, save the last POLKA for me!

I should be in bed right now. I really should - and I shall be as soon as I post this entry. How could I not write about my Oktoberfest weekend while it's still fresh in my mind!

Yesterday we had the house 99% ready for company. I, on the other hand, wasn't. I was tired. I had slept like crap the night before and had managed to fit in a nap that afternoon. I was running around in my pj's fresh from my nap when of course company arrived! They were supposed to call when they left...but hadn't. Ah well, I managed to get ready in record time.

We had a great night. We started off at our place drinking and playing games on the Wii. I called a couple cabs (took forever to get through) and headed to the Festhall with only moments to spare before our guaranteed arrival time. The hall was crazy busy. There were a ton of young people - university crowd. It was packed to the gills. There was no chance of us getting a table so we snagged a small make shift table that we could stand around in a corner and managed to have our own party.

I found $5 right off the bat which had me walking head down for most of the night looking for more cash (no such luck). The drinks flowed, we polka'd, we laughed and sore feet (or at least I did). Around midnight we called it a night and headed out into the sweet cool night air (it was freakin' hot in there by the end of the night). Cabs were scarce. We walked a litle with T and J way ahead of the rest of us...and of course snagging a cab. Eventually another came around but there was only room for 4 and there were 5 of us. The girls took the cab while Keith and D walked on. We asked the cab driver to go back for them and he actually did!

Poor S was feeling ill when we got home. She gave back most of the alcohol she drank (she mixed a lot). The rest of us actually felt pretty good and we snacked until we eventually headed to bed around 3am.

S still felt bad when she woke up and didn't manage to eat anything for most of the day. We viewed the pictures from the night before - some reeeeally bad ones that will never be seen!

Okay I MUST head up to bed now or else I know I will get side tracked and not get to sleep until WAY to late for this girl. I need my beauty sleep. Poor Keith has to be up at 3:30 - after 2 weeks off - he is going to be one tired boy tomorrow!

9:21 p.m. - 2009-10-18


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