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Stalkers and Monday's

As Monday's go this was one of THE best. Maybe the fact that I didn't make it in to work today and had some awesome GAT (girl alone time) had something to do with it. Boo-yah.

I woke up from a crappy dream at 3am-ish (more on that in a bit), then had to tell the hubby where his keys were (I had them last) and then of course couldn't fall back asleep. Eventually I did but when I woke up I just knew I didn' want to go into work - 1) because it's Monday and 2) the boss was coming back after 3 weeks of vacation. I hadn't made up my mind but after sitting down and eating my breakfast in front of the tv and lounging around in my bathrobe I knew in my heart of hearts that I would not be at work in 15 minutes. So I called in and then headed back to bed where I of course was wide awake so I watched some tv, read a while and then eventually fell back to sleep waking up at noon (whoops).

I was going to do some house work and stuff today but then I decided to forget about it. It was time for 'me'. I watched my taped shows, including the Notebook which I shed a few tears at and then basically just schlepped around the house with no real purpose. I did finally pull it together and made dinner (it was the least I could do as the hubby worked a 16 hour day) and I also did some dishes (I'm know...I'm a freakin' saint!).

As for my crappy dream it had to do with an ad I posted on Ki-ji-ji. I really did post an ad - selling exercise equipment. Someone contacted me, the first time they asked if they could look at it. I said yes and told them my schedule and asked what would work for them. They wrote me back one line, "what's your address". Um no. I'm not an idiot. Let's talk times and whatnot before me just giving you a stranger my address! So my dream self dreamt that I met this person and they were super nice but I was just waiting for them to 'turn on me' and try and kill me. Nice. I did email the person back and mentioned 'my husband' in the email and didn't give them my address just the area (which was in the freakin' ad) and asked them again when they wanted to drop by. So far no response - not surprised.

I forgot to mention that S gave me a belated birthday gift on the weekend. It was a $50 spa gift certificate. I'm pretty sure my jaw dropped. That was a huge shocker and quite the departure from home made soap and dollar store stuff! She wants to plan a girls' weekend in T dot (she also gave a gift certificate to our other friend A). It should be pretty awesome.

Well since I HAVE to go back to work tomorrow (boo) I should post this and make my way to bed. I know I'll read my book but I just have to make sure I put it down before 11pm.

Oh yah I also realized that maybe it's not such a good idea posting my Oktoberfest pics on f-book when there are a lot of work people on it. Let's just say I was wearing a pretty cleavage revealing top! Here's hoping not to many of my work peeps look at the pictures!

9:50 p.m. - 2009-10-19


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