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Needing a break....

How come so many people have trouble getting appointments to see their doctor but for me itís easy peasy? Iím already going to be in trouble for not seeing him at the beginning of October as it is. I was hoping to have the excuse Ďbut I couldnít get an appointment until xxxx timeĒ. I have been putting off this appointment cause Iím pissed off that I have to deal with my blood pressure. Iím being a big baby and I know it. Avoidance doesnít make it go away. Blah. And I know when I go see him it will be sky high as it normally is when I step foot inside that office. At least this time Iím not going in with my prescription run out. I have a feeling heíll probably change it though. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

Enough of that! Guess how I started my day off? I actually got to work on time but ended up walking in with my boss (she hugged okay) and then proceeded to get a nose bleed as soon as I sat down at my desk. Iím hoping itís dry air. But it took almost a full half hour to get that sucker to stop! Then when I was in the washroom washing the blood stained fingers I noticed a few (more than one!) grease stains on my sweater. My new-ish sweater! I am going to have to try and get them out tonight but I donít hold out much hope for grease stains. Boo.

I just took some Tylenol. My head hurts. A co-worker and I were discussing headaches and decided to look into how much caffeine is in coffee Ė a lot was the consensus.

Wow, itís freakiní warm out. I went out at lunch and could not believe it. There was no coat required. Looks like we should have this weather (maybe a few notches lower) for the next few days. And rain. Guess I have to dig out the olí rain boots!

I think Iím gonna go play some hang-a-roo for a while. I never get to do that at my desk since there are too many people around. I love hang-a-roo.

Well hang-a-roo did happen but only for a couple rounds as I got side tracked doing um other stuff (obviously it was memorable).

I went grocery shopping after work and just as I got there Keith called me to ask where I was. He said he was going to pick up groceries as well - I asked what he had been going to pick up and it was the same few things I was! We had the same ideas for dinner the next few days. Cool. Also cool I got out of making dinner tonight!

Alright I am off to go play my scratch tickets and maybe eat a kit-kat with Keith....yah I know I know.

8:07 p.m. - 2009-10-20


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