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This is nowhere near a complaint - believe you me - but this day has lasted for-evah! In a good way. I guess it helps getting my butt out of bed before noon! In fact I got up before 9 even. Alright the fact that I had a doctor's appointment at 9:20 was a huge part of that.

I went to said doctor's appointment - oh the joy of finding my blood pressure just doesn't want to be tamed! That was a fun time. He also sent me for blood tests which I got out of the way since I had the time. After that I had a bite to eat (comfort food - shut up) and then headed for my hair appointment. I only got a couple inches cut off which nobody will notice. I'm thinking of coloring my hair tomorrow since the ol' roots are showing and even the gray is coming through.

After that I went thrift store shopping. My mission was a black coat. I not only found one black coat I found two! I found a 3 quarter length one in black that is a pretty dressy coat. It didn't look worn or 'well loved'. It did look like it could use a cleaning as obviously the person had a pet. Lucky for me the dry cleaners down the road from me is having a special on coats - 20% off. I dropped it off on my way to the next thrift store! I then found the winter black coat I had been looking for. It's from London Fog and doesn't even look worn - I always look especially at the tags and the inside of garments. It's a very warm coat as I put it on in the store and immediately got hot hot hot. It was $30, a little pricier than I would have liked but I figure for what I'm getting it's worth it. The other coat was around $14 I think. With the cleaning cost it will come to the same price as the winter one. But let's keep this our little secret shall we cause Keith thinks I already have too many coats. But he also thinks I have too many shoes. Men. What do they know?

After that shopping fun I headed to Wallyworld even though I'm not sure why cause I was kind of all shopped out. I looked around and was quite thankful I got my coats cause what was out there was just bad. I did end up buying a few groceries which is still weird to me since the grocery part is new to our Wallyworld.

I then headed home where I slothed away the rest of the afternoon and suprisingly I even managed to get bored while waiting for Keith to get home. I had watched a movie, read a book and made dinner. I was just looking around for ingrediants to make cookies when Keith got home. My cookie making will happen just not till tomorrow. I have a hankering for homemade chocolate chip cookies. I have to incorporate butterscotch for Keith.

It's nice to know that my day was full of appointments, shopping and down time and I still have two more days left of my weekend! Tomorrow I hope to dye my hair and make cookies all before the hubs gets home around noon but that's probably being too ambitious as sleep is my mistress.

Sunday I'm hoping to carve some pumpkins!!! I can't wait.

For now I'm gonna post, tear myself away from the laptop and watch a movie (yes another one!).

Oh yah here's a nice story, last night while getting ready for bed I was looking at the eyebrows and trying to figure out if they needed waxing. They seemed to be good just a little trim maybe. I grabbed the scissors and managed to cut a chunk of eyebrow off one eye. Thankfully it's barely noticable since my eyebrows are light. But man oh man.

Alright storytime is ov-ah. I am off!

9:07 p.m. - 2009-10-23


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