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Fever? Chills? Ack!

Ooooooh so it's gonna be one of those weeks is it? I have been at reception all week (I'm coverage person this week). I just got told by the boss that I will be here the rest of the week. Ah well at least it's peaceful. I do miss my little corner at my own desk but I must admit I enjoy the 'chill' atmosphere at reception - literally. Our receptionist likes to have a very cool temp in her area and I am the only one who also enjoys the eskimo-type weather. Now whenever I sit at my own desk I feel so stifled!

I don't know if people are on the bitchy pills today or what but a few of my co-workers definitely need to take the bitchiness level down a few notches.

Day 3 of my new fitness regime and I am yet to feel invincible...but I am feeling incredibly sore so I guess that's something.

Never a dull moment - just watching out the window a man who is on the ground - the fireman just showed up and now the ambulance. The man is drunk out of his gourd and 'passed' out on the steps of the building across the street. Lovely. What's also lovely is how much money is wasted in calling 911 and having them respond to this 'emergency'. It pisses me off that this happens. Is it too much to ask the drunks to go pass out at home or wherever their living quarters are. My work building is not only located across the street from the parole office but a few blocks away from a men's hostel. There certainly is never a dull moment!

Tommorow is the Nanowrimo kick off. I haven't let myself think about it so I'm not really nervous. I was toying with bringing Keith for moral support or not. Part of me would love him to be there but I know that I may also use him as a crutch and thus not put myself out there meeting new people. But it sure is intimidating thinking of going into a room full of people you don't know! I should probably use this time at reception to flesh out the novel idea I have. I have one page that I wrote like a year ago when the idea came to me but honestly I have no idea which direction I want it to go. I'm still grappling with the main character's name! I did read one that I liked but it was an idea that another novelist had and um I guess that would be just wrong - or would it? I mean it's not like our novels have anything to do with eachother's? Ah we'll see.

Oh man I have some office gossip that I can't spill so I shall spill to you! I guess there has been a case of H1-N1 in our office building more specifically in our office and since MY boss was just called in on that meeting I'm thinking it's the receptionist - the woman who's desk I am sitting at!!! Damn, let's hope she didn't get that until she was home and wasn't contagious at work. Suddenly I feel headache-y. I'm such a hypocondriac.

I doubt I'll have much 'free' time at reception the next few days. The end of the month which is also the end of the 3rd quarter is a busy busy time. I will be date stamping my little heart out. Sigh. If only people dropped their papers and ran but no they all want something from me! Dang people making me work for my money.


So I just got back from swimming with T. As mad as I get at that girl for spending all the time with her new boi I forget all about it when I see her and we start gabbing and don't stop until we part. It's awesome having a friend like that. I think the honeymoon phase is winding down a little as she now tells me stories about little issues her and J have had. Finally! Don't get me wrong I don't want them fighting but just take off the rose colored glasses mkay? Neither are perfect...but they are perfect for each other. Awww mushy. Anyway it's good to be seeing her again and I even sent her man a thank you message on fb for letting me have her again...heh.

Alright my head really is achy but hopefully it's just lack of sleep - I woke at 4am and never truly fell back asleep so I am body weary. Here's to an awesome night sleep....oh and not getting h1-n1!

9:42 p.m. - 2009-10-28


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