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Never play poker with the Universe!

So apparently that whole 'what now' comment was accepted by the Universe! Yah it saw my bitching and upped it by giving me pink eye! I mean seriously?! Last time I had the eye problem I think it was really due to the whole eye lash tinting thing but this time it's definitely due to my cold - well that's what I think anyway.

Yesterday I noticed my eye was pink and it kept getting worse as the day went on. This morning the eye was still pink and I almost went to work anyway. But then I decided that would probably be bad. So I waited till my boss was in and then called her and explained the situation. She also agreed that I should stay home. I called the doctor when they opened - although it took me 45 minutes to get through but they were able to fit me in but not till 4pm. Oh no a whole day off....that would be 5 days in a row! It was hell. Pure awesome hell.

Of course by the time I went to the doctor I felt that my eye was not as red as it was and I had blown the whole thing out of proportion and felt like an idiot. Not to mention I'm sure my doctor is going to think I have a thing for him! But it must have been my lucky day as he did say it was pink eye! Yay for that. I was worried he'd walk in and say yah your eye is a bit red but you're fine. Nope I got a prescription! Even the pharmacist lady recognizes me now and we had a good chuckle that I am there so often! I told her I would see her in a few weeks - and that is true cause I have to see my doctor at the end of November to do a check on the blood pressure. Sigh.

So I did what any gal would do - I bought the purse I had been staring at every single time I went to that pharmacy (which as you've just red has been a Lot). This pharmacy has crazy nice purses for really decent prices. There was this orange one that I fell in love with but I always mananged to walk away. Not today. I decided after all I've been through I deserved a brand new cute purse!

Anywho my weekend was pretty much a write off. I did a LOT of nothing. I did watch a lot of movies - some good some not so good. But I've had my fill for a while. Yesterday was the first day I got outside. I was SO happy to go out. It was absolutely beautiful. We shopped for groceries and then put up our x-mas lights - not on just up. I also killed a lot of bugs - it was a massacre. There were flying ants and they were EVERYWHERE - hundreds and hundreds of them on our house....around our back door. I'm not a bug lover so I didn't feel too bad killing them. I know I'm horrible.

So I have a dilemma. I technically have pink eye. It's technically 'contagious'. I have Wednesday off cause of Rememberance Day. Can you see where I'm going with this? I did ask my doctor about going to work and he did say it would probably be okay to go to work as long as I was careful and didn't touch things. But (and this is very important)....I don't wanna! This is like a built in excuse not to go! But the guilt...oh the guilt. Plus ya know I suck at lying. Maybe...just maybe I will wake up with lots of gunk in my eyes and I will not be able to go to work! Oh to dream!

So my boy still isn't home from work. That's a long day for him - he started at 3:30am. Yesterday he left to go pick up a chicken for dinner (our dinner idea fell through thanks to lack of ingredients) and he was gone almost 45 minutes - it normally takes 15 minutes tops. Of course he forgot his cell phone and of course I started to freak out and was thisclose to jumping in the car and go looking for him. Turns out the store ran out of chickens and he had to wait for the next batch. Talk about giving your wife (who is a worrier by nature) a heart attack! I'm sick enough don't ya know!

Then last night I was lying in bed and thoughts of our relationship and how it all began - our courtship - was running through my mind and it just gave me that tingly feeling. It was nice.

Just heard from the hubby! He's just finishing work now (7:10) and he'll be home shortly. He told me that I should probably not go in to work tomorrow if the doctor said it's pink eye. Hmmmmmmmmm.

6:42 p.m. - 2009-11-09


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