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Let's just avoid taking the blood sugar reading tonight mkay?

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....what? Too early? Yah I thought so but for some reason I am ready for the season to begin. I could do without all the snow but whatev.

So I stayed home from work today. Big surprise eh? I decided last night that if I'm contagious going in would be a bad idea. So rather than get up early this morning to 'make the call' I made it last night. Smart. Of course my late afternoon cup of coffee yesterday left with me not going to sleep till the wee hours of the morning - boo.

I awoke this morning with a wicked headache and a feeling that my cold was playing games with me and starting from scratch all over again. Who needs to get better right? Oh and also? The other eye was pink this morning. I guess it really is contagious. 2 pink eyes! Now I'm putting drops into both.

I emailed my co-worker about not coming in today and she emailed me back later in the day. We have tomorrow off because of Rememberance day and my co-worker has Friday off so my manager suggested she take Thursday off as well. Um did I mention that our team is super short staffed at the moment. There are 4 of us off out of 10. Two are guaranteed to still be off on Thursday. I should be able to go back then barring any unforseen ailments that pop up! I am NOT looking forward to coming back and running myself ragged. Ah well guess I'll take it one day at a time. No use in worrying about it now.

So I had a pretty darn good day besides waking up red-eyed and with a renewed head cold. The hubby didn't have to work today. We spent the morning lounging and then he watched Family Feud with me (love that show!) and then we showered and left the house. We went shopping! I tried not to touch anything and spread my pink eye - I swear. Although it was what we are calling a 'cheat day' food wise. I had ice cream - oh it was so so good. Then we went out for dinner at S Chalet and I had french fries (oh my darling fries how I have missed you!!!).

We got a fair amount of x-mas shopping done which was awesome. And I finally managed to find the damn mittens that his mom had on her x-mas list - it's the mittens for the Olympics that they are advertising the hell out of. None of the stores around here had them we had to go two towns over to find them. She better appreciate these mittens!

I think that is all. Oh..I am probably getting carpal tunnel from all my nanowrimo typing! I up to 12000 words and my left arm is killing! I'm behind on the word count but feeling okay about it. Haven't made any of the write-ins with the people but after meeting most of them I just don't feel I have that much in common with any of them. Sad but true. I may go to the mid point get together but most likely not. Social aren't I?

Mkay I am off do stuff? I am so happy to have tomorrow off! Is it wrong I've been off 6 days in a row so far and am not missing work? I didn't think so!

8:08 p.m. - 2009-11-10


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