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I wrote this yesterday I think. I'm too tired to come up with much else so I think it will do. Keith is in bed sleeping as he has to be up at 2am to work. I am supposed to be writing right now as I am way behind on Nano. It is time to buckle down so I'm going to jump off line, get rid of all distractions and write like a maniac. Here's to no carpal tunnel!!!


Obsessive Compulsive Loser

Okay the sentence above may be a bit misleading - trust me I am not calling myself a loser! What I am meaning is that I cannot stop freakin’ losing things!!!! To the lengthy list I had to add a cute ring that I bought a few months ago. It has disappeared. I kind of sort of forgot about the ring till yesterday when I was rummaging around in my desk at work and found the box it came in. I went home that evening and looked in the spot I keep my rings and it wasn’t there. I looked in the other spots it could be and still no dice. I went to bed and proceeded to think about where I could have lost my ring. Then I actually got out of bed and started looking for it again. Keith got up to check on me and I had to fib and say I got up to put on body cream (in truth my skin was itchy from swimming). But yah still no ring. I’m kind of despondent over it. I am just so freakin’ tired of losing stuff. It’s ridiculous. The worst part is that I AM trying to be careful with my stuff. I think I may have lost it somewhere between the gym and home. I tend to take my rings off when I work out and I always try and remember to put at least my wedding band on right away (I would be beyond consolable if I lost that one!). Argh! And do you know what the kicker is? I bought this ring for $30 from Avon. I mean it’s a pretty ring and all but it’s relatively cheap. Okay I think it went up to $50 in the next brochure but still. Keith and I spend almost that much if we go out somewhere half decent. It losing my stuff ALL the time. It also sucks looking for my stuff ALL the time. Is this a sign I shouldn’t have children? I may lose one!

Speaking of children. Last week when I went out to dinner with C & T, T hinted at asking me to babysit for her this Saturday – she said it would be for a few hours during the day so she could set up at her work’s x-mas dance. But this was all Very up in the air as T was handing in her resignation and not even sure if she was going. Plus I was still living with my sinus cold. Fast forward to Tuesday afternoon when I get an email from her just wanting to ‘confirm that I am still babysitting Saturday’. So far so good. But then the message went on to say jokingly there was to be ‘no making out on the couch’. Um making out on a Saturday afternoon? This is interesting. So I email her back and say sure I can babysit for a few hours during the day as she asked and then went on to tell her my plans for Saturday evening involved cooking and baking for Keith’s family reunion (which they do). Of course she then responded that it was for Saturday evening and uh-oh she already cancelled her other babysitter. At this point I just had to cry bullsh*t. I am pretty sure they didn’t get a babysitter and figured they would just sort of coerce me into it. Oh yah after her first email in which I hadn’t formed my response yet her boy J emails me and says he just wanted to ‘confirm that I was still babysitting on Saturday’. They were two teaming me! J has never once emailed me on anything before so I knew him and T were freaking out and figured strong arming me was the best thing to do. I, of course, was having none of it. I told T I was sorry but she only mentioned Saturday afternoon for me and then I suggested she ask baby-mama to switch weekends. I didn’t hear back from her after that (nor him). Later that evening as I was telling Keith this I decided that I should just suck it up and lose my Saturday evening and do this favour for my friend. So I texted her and told her that after speaking to Keith I could swing sitting for her. A few minutes later she text back to say she was sorry cause she had been up in the air about the whole thing and not to worry as she found a replacement (a daughter of a friend – who they will actually have to pay – heh). I did feel bad for balking at the whole thing it just left a bad taste in my mouth the way they went about it. If she had been upfront and said we need a sitter could I do it then yah I probably would have said yes off the bat. I didn’t like that she was telling me that I had agreed to do something that I hadn’t. I went swimming with her last night and everything was fine so there are no hard feelings on either side.


Mkay now I am off to WRITE!

8:29 p.m. - 2009-11-20


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