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Is it wrong to start a countdown?

Monday was definitely not my Funday. Oy vey what a day! Many people were not in today on my team. It was how do you say hectic? At one point I was kind of upset because I wasn't getting everything done even though it was quite impossible to do so. I was more upset at going out at lunch and not finding what I wanted at one of the stores. That probably more than anything put a black mark on my day. I vented to the hubby via text and he later on sent me an email to cheer me up - a hoops and yoyo video along with the song that's been driving me insane on my non-stop x-mas station I listen to at work (hint it has the word hippopotamus in it). After that things got a little better.

EVERYone who calls in to my office is BITCHING about money. They don't quite understand that it's December and HELLO the mail is bound to be delayed by a few days due to everyone (including them I bet) sending out x-mas cards! Duh! Oh the stuff I wish I could say to them! But I like having a job so I won't. But it's oh so tempting.

As I left work after an exhausting busy day, it was raining. You're probably thinking that at this point I gave up any idea of heading to the gym well you would be wrong! I trudged on in the rain to the gym and worked out! I felt 100% better too. No excuses.

My weekend was good. Saturday I shopped a little in the afternoon with the hubs. We are technically done our x-mas shopping. I may pick up one or two small things for him and a few stocking stuffers as well but besides that I'm pretty much done. Yay! I even wrapped a lot of gifts this weekend. While wrapping, I was flicking around channels and found the last 15 minutes of It's a Wonderful Life and proceeded to cry through it all. Damn that movie gets me every time.

Sunday was a pj day. I did not leave them all day...well I did leave them for a while wink wink nudge nudge...but never did get dressed. A few times we debated leaving the house but it never transpired. At one point Keith was mentioning that he was bummed. He had been looking everywhere for pj's that I pointed out to him several weeks back and has had no luck. He had even looked while he was working which he never does. He's too cute.

I am determined to get back on the happy train for the rest of the week! We should be back up to at least half staff tomorrow and I will be at reception all day which I think would be a perfect time to write my cards for my co-workers! (I just came up with that idea now!). Wednesday is our office lunch - you had to sign up last week - we get on a bus and head to a local buffet! Then Thursday I'm supposed to have lunch with our fave ex-co-worker. Thursday is also my last day! I won't be heading back to work till after x-mas on the 29th!! Oh how am I looking forward to this time off. It's just weird not having x-mas shopping and all that stuff to do while I'm off. I may have to actually....Relax! Eleven blissful days off!!! Am I jinxing it now? Hm. I also have to um...exercise and stuff and most likely do housework as well so really it won't be ALL that relaxing. Heh.

Mkay off to post and then surf a little and then hopefully be in bed at a decent hour and it would be nice if I would be sleeping and not flicking through the channels wishing sleep to come!

8:42 p.m. - 2009-12-14


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