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Officially on (Christmas) Vacation!!!


I am officially on VACATION! Yeehaw. I donít think Iíve been this excited since....the last time I went on vacation - heh. Although really it doesnít feel like Iím on vacation - it probably wonít sink in till Monday morning.

So there is some Drama going on now - thankfully not with me. Although Iím not happy that itís with S either but she called me last night to talk. Sheís having man problems and thatís understating it. Basically sheís kicking her hubby out - sheís hoping that heíll get his crap together and they can get some counselling and things will be better. I have a feeling he wonít leave cause she will cave. She is determined now but come January (the deadline) when he is crying and upset and has no money to leave I think sheíll change her tune - just a hunch. These kids have been together for 16 years. Wow I feel old writing that!

Anywho I invited her to come up this weekend and she accepted. I havenít heard from her yet tonight about firming up the plans - she has semi plans about 40 minutes from here and was either going to Ďdrop iní or skip it. She wants to go tobogganing and do a little drinking. Iím up for it. Itís cold enough that the snow should still be here in a couple days!

I invited T along and sheís a definite maybe (the best you can get from T). Speaking of T Iím actually supposed to be hooking up with her tomorrow. She has an interview at 11:30 and I have a hair appointment for 11:00. After our respective appointments we are gonna meet up for lunch and then go do some hair dyeing! I have this hair dye/hi-lite combo kit that looks kind of interesting. Iím probably not quite due for a hair dye but since I did my roots a few weeks back Iíve had 2 toned hair so Iím okay with doing it now. Having T do it will make sure that I wonít miss any. Should be a fun afternoon.

Keith was feeling sick yesterday - all cold and flu like. He took a crap load of pills and thankfully is feeling a lot better today.

Well I should probably get to wrapping the gifts. Now that my weekend may get eaten up with having S over and having fun and whatnot I should take care of some of the chores. I just wish the girl would call already!


11:30 - update

Mkay I am dead tired right now - the eyes keep wanting to close - I am heading to bed. My back is sore but I got almost all the presents wrapped. I'm still not satisfied with C's present and need a little something to add to it.

S never did call. I'm sure I'll hear from here tomorrow. It should be interesting trying to get the house in shape for company while out having fun all day tomorrow! G'nite!

11:29 p.m. - 2009-12-17


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