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At least it will be a memorable x-mas right?

Um...okay - that was not the weekend I had been planning! I never did hear from S that night - I stayed up till midnight wrapping presents and then went to bed exhausted. I awoke around 9 and exercised and right before I left to get my hair cut I checked my email and found one from S. The plans for the house party were set in stone and she wanted me to come along.

I headed off to my appointment and nearly got my car smushed by a bus when I was parallel parking (the front of your car does exist when you're backing into a spot). Oops. No harm no foul - whatever that means. I walked out of the hair dressers not loving my hair cut once again but this time I think it's me. I won't commit to cutting my hair short and thus won't be completely happy with any style. Granted asking for multiple layers shouldn't be that hard to do in my opinion but I'm not a hairstylist so what do I know?

I met up with T for lunch (she got there before me but still showed up after me and was late - does that even make sense - not unless you know T). We sat down - looked at the menu then decided we wanted wings so we left and went to a nearby wing place!

After that we ended up shopping instead of dying our hair. Her guy is very 'hands on' and needs to know where she is at all times. I'm surprised she hasn't blown a gasket about it yet but hey maybe she likes it? We called it a day around 6 and we both went home to our respective men.

Friday evening I wrapped even more gifts after Keith went to bed and didn't end up going to sleep myself till around 1:30 (this is relevent).

At about 9:30 the next morning I heard Keith come home. I thought it was kind of early (he left at 2am for work). He opened the bedroom door and limped in. Turns out he had hurt himself at work. His knee 'locked' and then made this loud noise and then he fell over. This happened at 5am. At 7am he went to the emergency room as he couldn't even walk on his leg. He apparently called me many times and...I never answered. I um was sleeping pretty deeply. I feel SO bad about this! He hobbled to and from the hospital and drove himself home. They x-ray'd his leg and there's nothing broken just muscle damage. Poor guy is in a lot of pain but pills just do not work on him. I had emailed S before Keith got hurt and begged off of the party. You know you're getting old when! But this obviously turned out to be the best choice.

Today he got up at 4am (after going to bed around 9pm). We finally decided he needed crutches so we headed out to his parents to get some that they offered to loan him. They help him a lot. We then made a million work related stops and I had to get out and run into stores for him to check on how much product there was.

Now he is in bed determined to get up and work at 2am. He is helping the kid who is also a helper (the owner of the route is still on vacation) cause the kid would be lost without him. I'm just worried about him climbing in and out of the truck on his one good leg.

As for me, I have a massage booked for tomorrow afternoon and then have tentative plans to hang out with T and her boyfriend's daughter. T will be watching her for the week and is apparently quite excited about this. We might dye my hair tomorrow afternoon but honestly at this point I'm not holding my breath. Then tomorrow evening, T, C and I have our annual girls x-mas dinner. This time we're kicking it up a notch and going to a fancier place and getting all snazzied up (my idea).

Well I think I will go and watch a movie now and then force myself to go to bed before midnight!

8:36 p.m. - 2009-12-20


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