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Night Owls of the World Unite!!

I knew it would happen....and it did. Did you see the time stamp on this entry? Yah it's almost 1am. I have turned into a complete night-owl. I have tried to prevent this from happening. Okay I haven't actually tried preventing it but I had hoped it wouldn't. But what can I say? I'm a true blue night owl. I will never be a morning person. Sad but true.

Last night I didn't end up going to bed till 1am and was up at 2 saying goodbye to the hubby and to help him with his shoes (it's hard to bend when one of your knees won't co-operate). It almost broke my heart watching him head out into the cold dark night on his crutches to work. Especially after getting a text message that the guy he's helping out 'may not be in cause he didn't feel well'. Luckily for that dude he did show up (I would have hunted him down cause he knew how bad Keith was doing).

It took me a while to fall back to sleep but eventually I did and then of course I didn't get up till after 9:30.

After getting up, breaking my fast, I eventually forced myself to exercise and felt better for it. I had a pretty good day. I eventually left my house and went to my massage appointment (new girl who was Awesome!). She couldn't get over how 'tense' my back was. I love when they say that. It gives me validation that it's not all in my head! She said she could have worked on my back all day. I'm a little sore now but it's a good sore.

Afterwards I hung out with T and the munchkin. The kid wouldn't take a cookie from me in the beginning and then at the end of the hour she was sitting on my lap coloring with me. I love kids. She even requested a hug and kiss as I left. Melt my heart why don't ya?!

T and I were to meet up with C at the restaurant. Originally we had the reservation for 6...then we changed it to 6:30 then back to 6. We should have kept it for 6:30 cause T and I didn't show up till 6:25. T's guy was running late and then with rush hour traffic thrown in fuhgetaboutit.

It was a fun night though. We ate (tons) and had a grand time chatting and carrying on and eventually exchanging gifts. 2 hours later we were leaving the restaurant - time well spent!

Tomorrow is crunch day. I have to get everything all wrapped to speak. All the little gifts I have left to buy, the few presents I have to wrap and the stockings that I need to stuff have to be done. I also need to pack our bags (and maybe do some laundry so we have clean clothes to wear!). Oh and I also have to clean my trunk to fit all this stuff in when I pack the car on Wednesday morning. I'm not looking forward to the packing of the car as that's usually Keith's job but since he's out of commission it's all on moi. Do you pity me yet? Just checking.

Actually I'm kind of looking forward to crunch time tomorrow. For the first time in many years I'm not stressing out over everything at the last minute. I spaced my wrapping out enough that I didn't feel bereft that I was too ahead of the game (I like being behind and catching up at the last minute).

I'm a little upset that I never followed through on getting winter tires this year. They are freaking expensive and I just seemed to make sure I never had the time to check into it. Here's hoping I won't live to regret that decision - be kind Mr kind.

Alright I am going to shut down production in the basement and head to bed. I have been sleeping in the spare room so I don't injure the hubby's knee anymore than it is. I tend to toss and turn all night and I know on one of those turns I would crack him right in the knee. I hate seeing a grown man cry so I will take one for the team and sleep in the other room. Pity me YET?

Oh and I seemed to definitely have taken a vacation from eating healthy this week (starting this past Saturday but really let's not get too technical). My resolution for 2010 is going to have to be avoiding CHIPS of any kind. They are my nemesis. For reals.

Sweet dreams!

12:56 a.m. - 2009-12-22


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