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Christmas ' for the books

What a Christmas. I think I will just do this list style since I really donít have it in me to do segues.

1. My grandma. It was touch and go that my gram and uncle would come for Christmas dinner. They said yes but they always say yes to family events until the day of and this was no exception. My dad called them to confirm with them when they would be picked up. My uncle then began to tell him that they may not make it since my grandma woke up Ďsickí. She was dizzy and nauseous. Every time there is an event one of them is Ďsickí the day of. Itís sad really. But my dad talked them in to coming and told my gram she could bring her dog which cinched the deal. It was great to see her but sad at the same time. Her memory is gone. She asks the same questions over and over. I made sure to give her a big hug when she left.

2. My uncle. Not the one from above another one. He was supposed to come to the Christmas eve service at the church with another relative but was a no-show. The service was at 7:30. Around 10 we called my uncle. No answer. We tried for over an hour. Finally my dad called a friend to go to my uncles and see if his car was even there (we live about an hour from my uncle). The friend went over and his car was there. He banged on the front and back door but didnít get an answer. He called us back with this info. My dad kept calling but no answer. Finally we called the police and told them the situation. About half an hour later we got a call back....from my uncle. The police had woke him up. He claimed that he got the time wrong for the service and actually drove up to meet our relative but when he found he wasnít there rather than drive the 15 minutes to come to church he drove all the way back home and went to bed. Mkay. Oh but somewhere in there he visited a friend in the hospital. Yah we were all scratching our heads over that but my mom was just thankful he was okay cause we were all thinking the worst (itís her brother).

3. Keith. Well besides being immobile during the whole Christmas season and having to be at his beck and call the whole time it really wasnít all that bad. I had to pack the car up for our trip which I hate to do and is a lot of work (yah Iím whining here). The night before we left I was racing around doing laundry, packing our bags and wrapping last minute gifts till 2 in the morning. Needless to say it was an interesting few days being at someoneís beck and call. Donít worry I rewarded myself in my Ďcare giver roleí by buying not one but two Timmyís items - an insulated mug and a regular coffee mug. I deserved them! BUT that was not the big news......(this deserves a new paragraph)

On our way home from my parents we decided to stop for a bite to eat. We found this restaurant we had never been to. The food was excellent. We left and found our way home without incident. Within minutes of getting home Keith noticed that his wedding ring was missing. We searched the car and our bags but couldnít find it. I called the restaurant and asked them if they had found his ring but they hadnít. We were close to getting back in the car and driving back to the restaurant 2 hours away. Forget that it was dark and raining heavily by now. I called my parents and they offered to go up the next day to search for it - they are about 45 minutes away. We figured that Keith lost it in the parking lot when he was putting the crutches in the back seat of the car - he remembers tripping a little and also that his ring was kind of loose due to taking meds that helped reduce swelling in his knee. Iíll cut to the chase and let you know that my parents never did find the ring. Keith and I went to his familyís Christmas yesterday (oh and Keith was sick for most of it with cold/flu like symptoms). Today we decided to drive the 2 hours to check the parking lot ourselves since we knew exactly where we parked and where to look. We didnít find it either. Neither of us thought we would but we had to look. We had some lunch and then did a little thrift store shopping. Looks like weíll be buying Keith a new ring in 2010.

So that was pretty much my Christmas....if you add on tons of food and a plethora of gifts of course. It was great to spend so much time with my family. My mom and dad both commented how great it was to have us there.

Once we got back from our long drive today I was supposed to run out and grab some groceries for dinner as well as take back a few gifts but the weather has turned yucky. It is freakiní cold and snowing. I decided to just stay home and we made do with freezer food. Of course I plan on going outside soon to do a little shovelling so I wonít have to worry about it tomorrow morning. Itís just great being the only healthy 2 legged person in the household! Ah well I should probably look at it as much needed exercise since we know this past week has been void of exercise and has included eating many things I have no business eating!

Okay, gotta run, Gimpy needs me!

7:51 p.m. - 2009-12-28


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