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Spending the old money on new stuff!

I'm trying to decide if I feel guilty right now. It is Sunday afternoon - late afternoon and I um haven't moved from my couch all day - well to do anything productive that is. Okay, I have just decided. I am NOT going to feel guilty for being a sloth all day. Stinky but not guilty!

I was kind of, sort of almost productive yesterday so that counts for something right? Keith and I went out for a few hours yesterday afternoon. We made the mistake of going to Best Buoy (madness!). We bought only a couple small items and then got out of there. We also went to W-mart (Keith's idea) where it was also insane. That was about it for our day out. Although last night I was on a roll with the laundry and did like 3 loads of it! Keith got a little irritated with me as he was waiting to start a movie but when the laundry bug hits you have to run with it.

After the movie ('9' which wasn't too bad) we watched Dr Who. I only got in to that show the last year or so but I really came to like the guy who plays the doctor. He chose to leave the show and now some other guy will take over. I'm not impressed with him. Although to be fair I only saw about a minute of him. But as I said to Keith, "he'll never be my new dad!!!". Mkay well it made him and I laugh.

We watched a bit more tv and then headed to bed around midnight. Both of us headed to our seperate beds. Yah it's come to that - we're sleeping seperately. Until Keith's knee heals. I guess I keep hitting his knee whenever he rolls over and to avoid me hitting him in bed he can't get comfy enough to sleep so this is our solution. I'm not gonna lie - sleeping solo in the comfy bed is pretty sweet (yah I was mean and gave him the blow up bed).

Today, as you already know, I have done nuh-thing. Oh wait I did make a purchase on the interweb! I rarely do that so it's a big thing for me. I was on some site and actually clicked on an ad when I saw the Gilmore Girls box set. It's been close to $300 when it first came out, now it's about $240 and on this site it was $125 plus $10 s&h. Keith wasn't all that psyched at me ordering this cause he's the practical one when it comes to money and the reason we have a roof over our heads cause if it was up to me I would be spending it faster than I make it! BUT I am using money that was given to me over the years - only small amounts in cards etc $20 here or $25 there. The oldest going back to June 15/95. It was $20 from my mom and dad for my graduation from highschool. The money I have collected has been kept in that envelope (a church envelope funny enough). I have always wanted to do something special with the money. I didn't just want to throw it in my wallet and just spend it on whatever. For years I was saving up for a painting that I really like but then Keith got me my painting for our wedding. Then I considered getting another painting for our bedroom (not a specific one). But I feel good about using the money for the GG boxset. I know it sounds weird but I wanted to buy something that 'means' something to me. My mom and I both loved GG and watched it all the time together. Since my mom was a main contributor of this money I will especially think of her when I watch it. Plus I can totally lend her the seasons too!

Keith and I just firmed up our plans for the evening! You probably won't be surprised to find out that they do not involve leaving the couch! We are going to watch all 3 movies in the Bourne Collection. I bought them for Keith on his b-day last year I believe. We always planned a night to do this but never had the time. Well tonight is the night! I will have to get up and maybe do some stretching between movies!

Tomorrow I have a date with T to shop and dye my hair. The plan is for me to call her when I get up and am ready to go (I'm aiming for 10) and then we'll hit the malls and see if there are any good sales left out there. Then sometime in the afternoon we'll head back to my place to dye this greying hair of mine. I can't wait. And if it doesn't happen this time....well let's not think about that shall we!

A'ight I am off to go find some food - luckily we also grocery shopped yesterday so we're not gonna starve while watching our marathon of movies tonight (I know you were worried!).

4:28 p.m. - 2010-01-03


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