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Jonesing for Friday

Hm. It's been a while. I really should be heading to bed but I'm waiting for my laundry to finish drying. Fun times.

I've been trying all week to go to bed early but it ain't been happening. I'm hoping tonight's my night. Sunday I stayed up later than planned helping Keith get to sleep. Last night I...well I spent my whole evening in the bathroom. Can I just say that Fibre 1 has been banned from my household forever! I gave it 3 chances and each time it screwed me over. It's the cereal not me. I can accept that now. But man oh man what a night.

Mkay enough soul baring! What has been going on? Well Keith has gone back to work this week. I was SO worried on Monday (so was he thus the lack of sleeping for him Sunday eve). But he limped through his day and made it. Today he even said that his knee felt better - it apparently gave several loud cracks and felt great after that. Of course his legs are not happy and started cramping tonight. I guess you can't have it all eh?

My work week is going okay. Last week Sucked big time. I just...was not happy. It seemed that my week would not end! This week I'm on a rotation that gives me enough work to fill my day so that makes me happy.

Oh! Guess what I've been doing this week (okay today and yesterday)? I went to the gym...on my lunch hour! I decided on Monday to try it since I wanted to be home for Keith to make dinner and be there for him BUT I also really needed/wanted to work out. So I decided to just go on my lunch and do the treadmill for half an hour. It was awesome. I mean it is very rushed and I walk back in red faced and not fresh as a daisy but man it really helps the day along!

So I am super psyched for this weekend! I'm heading to T dot to spend time with S and a few other girls. It sounds like quite the weekend. Time at the spa is involved, playing some Wii while drinking and then going out Dancing! I'm actually really excited to go which as you know normally I dread going away and then after the fact be happy that I went. So yah you could say I'm excited for Friday to get here already. I have Friday off so I'll be heading there early afternoon. The weekend after I'm not all that geared up about cause I'll be going to my sil's baby shower - it's a 5 hour drive (one way!) for a 2 hour baby shower on a Sunday! But let's not think about that right now mkay?

Well it's 10 o'clock so I'm gonna check my laundry and then head to bed and fall asleeeep right away and hopefully be rested enough to get up and exercise tomorrow morning! A girl can dream.

9:47 p.m. - 2010-01-12


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