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I think my car may be out to get me.....maybe all vehicles for that matter

Okay so what are the odds of me not only typing an entry (which I've done the past 2 days - partial ones anyway) BUT actually posting it? The real barrier would be work especially since I'm at reception but let's hope this nasty weather keeps people away for the next 45 minutes until we close (fat chance as it's the end of the month which means busy times for us).

Anywho I am kind of shocked that I am even at work today. A less dedicated employee would have called in sick. I am technically sick but you wouldn't know it to look at me. Yesterday I thought I had cramps from hell but then they kept becoming more localized until unbearable pain was coming from one direct spot. The same spot it came from 8 or so months ago when I was dealing with the cyst on the ovary. Damn. I took some more drugs last night and then made sure not to move. I was surprised to wake up relatively pain free. I mean there is pain but it is more of dull pain especially when I take tylenol. Although at least now at the end of the day the pain is all but gone and now it's only this 'icky' bloaty gross feeling that makes me want to curl up in my warm fuzzies and ignore the cold world for the rest of the night (which is what I plan on doing). If the pain had been persistant I would have went to my doctor. As it is I am going to document this so if it happens again I can know how often this is cause let me tell ya walking or moving was not happening yesterday!


Well that's all I was able to write cause it seems even the snowy blowly weather didn't keep the clients away!

And now because I am too lazy I am just going to cut and paste the stuff I wrote about my 'car woes' this past weekend:

Let me just say that I am lucky to be alive right now and Iím not even exaggerating. But let me not get ahead of myself, letís start with Saturday morning when I was supposed to leave at 10am. I was actually running on time and was about to pack the car and head out, I just needed to find my car keys. Several minutes went by as I searched for them. Soon I was swearing and on the verge of tears (did I mention Iím a tad hormonal due to upcoming aunt flo visit?). They were nowhere to be found. Out of desperation I called Keith. He was about 10 minutes away and he came home to help me look for them (no luck) and then eventually give me his set. Although the remote to unlock the doors was in his car back at the truck yard but I could just do without for the weekend. Almost 40 minutes later I was peeling out of the driveway running super late. My nephewís hockey game started at 12 and it would take me 1.5 hours to get there. I put the pedal to the metal and.....yah I may have exceeded the speed limit a few times (cough cough). But I made it there only 5 minutes late (thatís shaving about 20 Ė 25 minutes off my time including stopping once for an accident on the 401). I watched my nephewís team get their little buttís whooped and then it was off to my older brotherís house for a birthday party for said hockey playing nephew.

On the drive over my mom drove with me and we both heard this thumping sound coming from car. Around the same wheel that I had just spent $300 on to be fixed. My mom hopped out of the car at a stop light and had my dad drive with me. He heard the sound too. Long story short he called a friend and described the sound who said it was probably a cv joint or some crazyness like that and it would be another pricy fix. Great!

That evening I drove to my parents after spending extra time hanging out with my older brother and his wife. The car sounded even worse. It got so bad at one point I grabbed my cell phone and put it in my sweater pocket in case I went off the road and needed to call for help Ė I seriously did that.

Over the weekend I mentioned to my mom that I didnít think I felt comfortable driving home without having my car looked at. My dadís friend said I would be okay to get home (2 hour drive from my parents) but I still didnít feel good about it. My mom is awesome cause as soon as I tell her any concerns or fears she will mention them to my dad that night when they are in bed and the next morning my dad is all over it. Itís a crazy system but it works. Otherwise my dad has a million things on his mind and if I mention the car thing then it may not get the attention it needs from him. My mom has the power to make it happen.

But letís skip back for a moment. Saturday was the day my car was crapping out on me. Sunday was the day we were heading East for my silís baby shower. We were taking my parentís minivan cause there were 6 of us women going (almost 7 but thank GOD our 7th decided not to come, she is a very annoying woman who I am sure I would have thrown out of a moving van somewhere on the 401. Ahem. I digress.)

After my mom and I picked up our other passengers we noticed something odd Ė the whole display was gone in the minivan. We couldnít tell how much gas we had, how fast we were going nor did the signal lights work. We stopped at a friend of my parentís who unfortunately could only guess either a computer chip problem or a fuse. We didnít have time to look into either so instead we made sure it wasnít something we would die from while barrelling down the 401 and decided to just head out! It was an interesting drive to the say the least. I was one of those jerks on the highway that didnít use their signal lights and Iím sure people were calling me names. My aunt had a gps so that could tell us how fast I was going. We threw some gas in the van on the way back just to make sure we wouldnít run out (odds are we were fine). We got home without incident even though it was raining and dark for the whole drive home and I was a tad bit stressed but managed to hide it from everyone. All our passengers made it home safely.

Fast forward to Monday morning. My dad got up super early and took my car to the mechanics. Just as I got up he was pulling back in with my car - that was a good sign. He told me that the mechanic said I was a "very lucky girl" as my wheel was on the verge of falling off. 2 of the bolts were already completely off and the other 3 were so loose it wouldn't take much for them to come completely off. Needless to say I would have had quite the drive home! I stopped at my mechanics on the way home and told him what happened. He was shocked and quite upset. No money back of course but here's hoping a few discounts in the future - especially with the pricy hydraulic lifter thing I need to do someday. Anywho I'm still alive so that's sumthin'.

Alright I am going to post this dang entry before I save it as another draft and then deem it not good enough to post!

8:31 p.m. - 2010-01-28


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