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Not babydolls....Babies AND dolls

Finally! The little one is born! My brother and sister in law had their baby yesterday - ground hog day! The baby was born at 3:30 in the morning (another night owl - yes!). The poor kid had a rough time or should I say the momma did - he did not want to leave the nice warm nest he had been living in but he was driving his momma's blood pressure up so they had to evict him! Baby and mom are both doing fine. He weighed in at just over 8lbs. They named him Daniel Malcolm. Malcolm is my dad's middle name. I've known the baby's name all along but I still acted surprised when told. I don't know if they'll ever let that secret out of the bag! I didn't realize till now that every time I say the name 'Daniel' I think of my cabbage patch doll! That was his name. He was my first real cabbage patch doll - before that I had a 'fake' one named Amber. I loved her even though she wasn't 'the real thing'. Then there was Jocelyn I think I got her just after Daniel (you know once the boom was over and the dolls were available everywhere). Luckily I never made a big deal about not having the 'real thing' with my parents - money was tight and I even I knew that so I never made a big deal about toys. Well at least tha's how I recall it, maybe I should ask my parents sometime?

I stepped out of my comfort zone today and am wearing a shirt I bought back in December - a used store but it still had the tags on it so it had never been worn. It's a lot dressier than I normally dress - it's a blouse - I know I'm such a rebel. It's not a bad shirt but I noticed that it's a square cut at the bottom which I don't think looks all that great on me - but it is what it is and I'm glad I finally wore it. I was reading someone's blog last night and they mentioned how they were going to NOT buy clothes this year just because they were in a panic (over needing said clothes) and they bought them cause 'they fit'. Not because they liked them necessarily. I know the feeling. Sometimes I will buy a top and I know it's not my style but the price is right and I think 'one day' I'll wear it. Then it sits in my closet and I avoid it like the plague. Sadly I have a few like that. I have gotten better though. Now, even though it's dirt cheap I will not buy it unless I know I will wear it. I think I will go through my closets this weekend and weed some clothes out. Wish me luck cause as you know I HATE getting rid of clothes...or anything for that matter. Sigh.

Remember how I said I lost my car keys a few weekends ago? Guess who still hasn't found them! It's one key with a remote. I am beyond frustrated. Sometimes I just lye in my bed going over and over my steps the night I lost it. Did I lock my car with the remote or by hand? Did I walk into the kitchen first to drop off the bread or did I go in the living room to drop off the popcorn? Did I stick the key in my shallow sweater pocket and it fell out sometime that evening while I was running around the house packing? Normally it leaves me with anxiety and I get upset so I have to stop thinking about it. I hope I find it soon cause living without it is driving me nuts. I have Keith's copy of my key and his remote which is BROKEN so it doesn't go on a key ring. He now warns me constantly that if I lose that key I am screwed. Um yah I know! Of course I did almost lose it yesterday so maybe I do need reminding!

Yesterday was back-cracking day. And OMG did I need it. All day my back was killing me and then when I saw my chiropractor she was all 'what the hell did you do to make your back this bad??? Ummmmm? She asked if I had been having headaches and I realized that I had. Over the last 5 or so days I have been popping the tylenol but not relating it to my back pain. Der. My back is still a wee bit sore after all the cracking she had to do but it's just residual soreness now and no more headaches!

So right after getting the awesome news about my newest nephew I was talking to my new manager and she asked me to come in to have a small chat - oh crap. Yup it wasn't a good chat. I guess my 'absence record' was bad for 2009. 19 days off sick. Interesting enough last time it was 'instances' they talked about - say I was 5 times and off for 2 days each time - it would only be '5 instances' this time they are talking 'days'. That pisses me off. Choose one or the other. Sometimes when I am sick I will feel partially better on day 2 but don't want to risk going in and having to leave early cause then it will be '2 instances'. It's a little thing but still pisses me off that they are not being consistent. So anyway I got 'warned' that my flex may be taken away. I took it all pretty well cause every single time I called in sick last year was legit. Plus I had a helluva year medically. The cysts, diabetes, high blood pressure, pink eye, flu and a super bad cold at x-mas. Our whole office gets cleaned several times a day by some guy who wipes down doors and counters etc because that's how much everyone was getting sick. Ah well I guess I will just have to start 'scheduling' my illnesses on my flex days - Fun.....and Impossible - yay!

So I have a five day work week this week. The next 3 weeks will be 4 day work weeks (you know if they don't cancel my flex and all). But yah it should be some sweet times - 4 day work weeks rock.

Well I think I shall post this so I can head up to bed soon. I have been making an effort this week to go to bed at a decent hour so I can get up at a decent time. I don't want to jinx it but I have been ON time for work all week so far! Now normally I'm only a couple minutes late but still it feels good to walk in there at 7:59!

9:42 p.m. - 2010-02-03


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