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I bought what?

I think I just became one of Ďthoseí people. The people that buy ďpersonalĒ massagers from regular stores. I really didnít mean to become one. I mean do they have to call it a Ďpersonalí massager on the box? Iím hoping itís a regular massager for the BACK and neck....nowhere else! You see the hubby has bad hands....bad to the bone....sorry off track, he claims the years he did chainmail did his hands in and now they are incapable of rubbing my sore back because it hurts his fingers too much. In order to avoid any Ďdomesticsí I decided to buy a handy (no pun intended) little massage gadget that he can use when his wife bugs him enough. Um....unless itís a Ďpersonalí massager then it will be fun time just for me....okay maybe him too if I let him join in the fun!

The poor News people are jonesing for a storm for our area but it just ainít gonna happen. I mean weíll get a few inches but really nothing like the States is getting. Iím not too upset since I donít have one of those employers that let us leave early or stay home the next day. Oh and yay for no shovelling!

So I just found out that Keith has this Friday off as well. Normally this equals good. But I had plans man. I wanted to ruthlessly go through boxes and create a mess but in the end purge more than I un-pack or re-pack as the case may be. If history has taught me anything, itís that Keith and I can NOT clean together. We have very different processes and normally I have to make a huge mess before it starts to get better and sometimes....half way through....I give up....or take a break if you will and walk away from the mess I made. Itís my process. I think he works Saturday so I may have to do it then although heíll probably only work 7 or so hours which would get him home at 10am....just on time for me to wake up. Ah well, I guess I will play it by ear.

Iím playing counsellor with C again. I just donít know what to do with this girl. I guess she had asked repeatedly for her hubby to give her a cake for her b-day Ė he didnít. I really do think heís borderline retarded....or whatever the pc version of that is these days. That or he is secretly sabotaging their marriage.

So V day is this weekend eh? We have got nothing planned. Keith is not the type of guy to take initiative with this stuff. Iíve known that from the day we got together Ė doesnít mean Iím not disappointed that I always have to plan things but it is what it is. That and the fact that we have no extra cash to go out for a night on the town or a weekend away - leaves us with few options. Letís just say that the massager was bought with all this in mind Ė oh yes I WILL get a massage this V-day from him Ė sore fingers or no! Clever arenít I?

I wore another skirt today. I may stop being special soon and just be one of those girls who wear them. I really just like wearing the cute boots that I wear with them. Along with my black leggings they look awesome! But it has to be a knee skirt cause otherwise the boots embellishments would be covered and then they donít look so special.

I looked at more pics of my newest nephew tonight....I don't think I can meet him cause seriously I might steal him! The kid is so damn cute. I know I'm bias but some people have babies that grow into cute but this kid just came out super cute - holy crap, I'm almost afraid to have a kid now!

9:39 p.m. - 2010-02-10


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