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Hmm maybe I WILL find my car keys......some day

What an awesome weekend! And it had nothing to do with Valentine's what-so-ever! Here's how it played out:

Friday morn Keith and I were up super early - for us. We were out the door by 9:30 so I could...give blood! Yah I finally did what my doctor told me to do 2 months ago. After that I grabbed me my tim's and then Keith and I switched places with him behind the wheel and we headed half an hour out of town to deliver 2 packages of buns to a small in the middle of nowhere restaurant. Seriously the restaurant had 5 tables. We were going to have lunch there but all 5 tables were filled - at 11:45 - go figure. So we headed back out on to the country roads and headed home via the long rambling way. It was just so nice. We chatted, we sat in companiable silence, we had a great afternoon.

We ended up having lunch at...the mall. From a mom & pop restaurant to the mall. But I also got to snag my favourite popcorn from Kernals so I was all smiles. Once we got home Keith was pooped but I was energized so I decided to go with it and take my small haul to the second hand store. I loaded up my trunk and even my back seat. Just as I was shutting the back door to my car something caught my eye on the small wicker table I had put in there. I opened up the door and reached in grabbing the small shiny chain. It was then that my heart began to pound out of my chest. My hands were literally shaking as I ran back into the house yelling for Keith. I had just found my original floating heart necklace that Keith gave me for our first year wedding anniversary. This necklace had been missing since we moved from our apartment 3 years ago. It was on this piece of wicker furniture that had been handled none-to-gently, was rotting away in the small storage room in our basement for years and been about to be given away. I still consider it a bloody miracle.

The rest of the weekend passed with it's normal ups and downs. V-day was anti-climatic and I am going to have to stop putting so much emphasise on it. I spent most of the day doing absolutely nothing but wasting away the day but we salvaged the evening and went out to dinner using the gift card I had got for my b-day. It was an awesome meal.

Monday I once again got into cleaning mode and began to clean out our basement - although I will admit it took 2 cups of joe to get me in the mood. I was going through b-day cards that I had since 1988. Wow - just wow. I threw out most but kept a few. There's still a long way to go but all I have to do is watch that show Hoarders and I get a fire under me to 'de-clutter'. Okay let me just clear up that my house is nowhere near being on that show. I am just feeling the need to purge and get rid of things we no longer use and not keep for a 'what if' day. If someone else can use it they can have it...well after they buy it from the thrift store that is.

I think I'm gonna head up to bed soon cause I am one tired cat. The hubby was in a sad mood last night due to something careless I had done earlier in the weekend. We talked about it and I apologized but we were still both sad when we went to sleep.

At least tomorrow is hump day all ready! Thank goodness for 4 day work weeks!

9:09 p.m. - 2010-02-16


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