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Vacations should happen way more often

Itís been a weekend of laundry. Every night I did laundry. But itís a good thing. I really donít mind it. I just remember dragging our laundry to the Laundromat which involved 3 flights of stairs or doing it at my old apartment which also involved 3 flights of stairs. This is cake!

So, itís been a while. Iíve meant to write...Iíve wanted to write but the man has been off work so weíve been spending time together and hopping on the internet to pop off an entry wasnít really an option. But he is in bed! Back to work for that guy! Although heís going back to a brutal route this week so I canít be too happy about it. The boy is going to be a zombie by the end of the week.

Anywho on to more interesting topics like my vacation! It was Awesome. We originally wanted to go somewhere warm and all inclusive but it just wasnít in the stars...or the budget as it may be. So we had a few days of fun and frivolity and stayed at a hotel for a few days. I was nervous about the money we were spending but it turned out to be an awesome time. The hotel was nice - we had to change rooms as the first room was above the pool and smelled big time of chlorine. The next room was a bit smaller but didnít smell plus it had a balcony - overlooking the road but whatever! The indoor-outdoor pool was...say it with me....Awesome. The pool was nice and warm. You swam under this partition and bam you were outside! So cool. We both had an excellent time there and it was just what we needed to reconnect and forget about the real world for a while.

After that fun we headed to my younger brotherís and his wife and my newest nephew who is so damn cute that I could just eat him up! Seriously that kid is freakiní adorable. All he does is sleep, eat and poop but even that is enough. I never thought I would be that interested in a babies burps...but I was! My bro and sil had a set up in which he would come home from school at 3 or so. Around 4 or 5 she would go to bed and he would take over daddy-duty until midnight or so when he went to bed at which time it was back to her. At night I would Ďkindlyí take over my brotherís role and spend some quality time with the newbie. I was actually depressed the day we left and I had to say goodbye to the little poop-machine. Sigh.

So that was our vacation. A little bit of travelling, some alone time and then some family time. Since then itís been back to work (for me) and just getting back into the groove of day to day life. This week kicks of the Ďget-healthy or elseí regime. My next blood test is 3 months and I want a damn good reading so I have to buckle down and get serious. I have been majorly slacking with the exercise (aka doing nuthiní) and the eating has been less than stellar shall we say.

Somehow I am supposed to be able to go to sleep in 10 minutes and get up in 8 hours and exercise. HA. The 10 ainít gonna happen I can tell you that right now.

Okay my last load of laundry is done for the night, gotta go fluff and fold, post this and then pretend I am going to bed early (again HA). Gínite!

10:28 p.m. - 2010-03-14


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