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Swimming or green beer?

Half way through the work week. I was a raging cranky pants yesterday - good thing I didn't post an entry! Helloooo PMS. I did perk up half way through the day when I went out at lunch and read my book in the park - so tranquil and relaxing - I just wish it was more than an hour!

Last night I went to the musical Beauty and the Beast with two of my co-worker's/friends. It was a fun evening and the musical was great. Plus the chatty kid (there's always a chatty kid in the audience) wasn't sitting anywhere near me!

Tonight was swimming night. T and I were texting earlier today and she said that her boy was going, I have to admit that the cranky pants began to sneak back on me. What about girl night and gossiping? I eventually got over myself (I used to bring Keith in the beginning when we first started dating). Just before we left I realized it was March Break which means PACKED POOL. Last year I think T and I walked in and turned around and walked out and went out drinking. We pretty much did the same thing this year. The parking lot was packed thus the pool was packed. We voted and decided to go drink instead. We headed to a nearby bar where it was a sea of green - oooooh yeah it's St. Patty's day - duh! We piled into a booth and had a few drinks - they had green beer I had a daquiri (not very St Patty's I know but it's what the taste buds wanted). We chatted and hung out and it was a nice night. I got home to find Keith still up - which is a no-no since he has to get up for work at 3am. It's a killer week for him.

This Friday is a girls night over at C's. We're supposed to hang out - in her hot tub (WOO), and chat, drink and eat. I'll just have to make sure that I'm not too pooped to party Friday evening. Ah what am I saying C will either kick us out early or go to bed and T and I will amuse ourselves.

I should be hitting the off button right now on the dvd - instead I just hit next....I'm watching the gilmore girls....damn addictive show!

9:44 p.m. - 2010-03-17


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