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May I just go on and on about the beautiful weather this evening? It's been a miserable previous two days and as far as the weather people are forecasting the next few days don't look so hot either. Of course I was a terrible bookworm at lunch and hibernated in a corner of the office and read my book while I ate lunch rather than step foot outside - I thought it was still chilly - which it kind of was but the sun warmed you up if you were out of the wind. I made up for my mistake by taking a nice walk after work and even though my mp3 player died after only 2 songs (battery) I enjoyed the hell out of my walk. I'm not sure what it was but man it was just good to be alive.

I'm supposed to be at swimming right now but T cancelled not only for tonight but maybe the next few weeks due to lack of funds. I sort of understand but at the same time it's only $3.90 a swim if we buy a card. What I really want to say to her is HEY it wouldn't be so Damn expensive if it was just you and me going like it usually is and not a third so QUIT bringing him! But I think that may come off a tad bitchy. Keith and I were talking tonight wondering what happened to the 3 grand her mom gave her a month ago went. Did they spend it on bills, put it in savings? I have no freakin' idea! She's told me roughly how much they owe in credit card debt and I had to hold back from laughing cause that amount isn't even called debt in this household. Can you tell I have unresolved issues with this girl?

Don't even get me started on the conversation her mom and I had the other day. Okay, see you already got me started so now I have to spill! Her mom told me she put T's resume in to our HR person and this job is BIG money and she went on and on about how much she hopes she gets it and the whole time I was thinking NOOOOOOOOO don't get it! How terrible a person am I? Not only would she be working in the same office as me, making a helluva lot more money than me but it's kind of like she's getting rewarded for quitting her job in December. See? Total Bitch.

Tomorrow is my Friday - yes! The week flew by which is awesome but at 4:30 tomorrow it can just start to slow down thank you very much (sorry for those who work Friday but I would really like my day off to go super slow). I don't have too much going on this weekend, we're hoping to get to the Maple Syrup Festival on Saturday - I think it's the largest one-day syrup festival in the world or somethin' like that. Of course we'll be watching the pennies big time which sucks cause I love to look at the knick knacks and maybe even pocket one or two (no not stealing!) but Keith will be watching me like a hawk!

Well I think I'm gonna post this, watch a little tv (not the Gilmore Girls cause I know I won't stop at one show!) and then head to bed.......where I will read a book I've been reading only at work. I'm nearing the end of the novel and don' can't wait until tomorrow to continue it - and hopefully finish it!

Until then this is garlic-girl signing off - according to Keith I Reek of Garlic (I've been eating carrot sticks dipped in hummus the last few days - yum yum!)

8:32 p.m. - 2010-03-24


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