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Productive on my Flex Day? Crazy!

Oooooh a mid-day entry for reals! It's my flex day and I am feeling damn productive so far! I was VERY worried I would be called in to work today cause we were going to be short staffed and if only one person called in sick my manager may have thought she had to call me in. I woke up to a ringing phone this morning - I didn't answer - it immediately rang again - I got up only to find it was Keith calling. 'Shew.

After relaxing and breaking my fast I began to clean our bedroom - and I mean clean. Under the bed,moving the bed, moving furniture and dusting - oh boy did I dust. We'll see how long it lasts but right now it's awesome. I also want to clean out my closet and weed out clothes I know longer wear. I also need to start doing the seasonal rotating of clothes. Oh it may be -3 out but the sun is shining and I am psyched for Spring and the promise of warmer weather!

Oh one other thing I did today was go and pick up a package - I had it mailed to my office but somehow they decided they didn't want to deliver it to my office and made me come to them to pick it up. The package is part of Keith's birthday present. It's a damn good gift if I do say so myself. Since the man doesn't read this I suppose I can write what it is. No wait, knowing my luck he will - I mean his birthday is 2 months away minus 3 days. I'll wait it out. But yah I'm pretty pleased so far with his gift - the other package should arrive next week - hopefully they will deliver it this time! Btw it's a dorky gift that's why I know he'll love it.

Well I am off to make a turkey for dinner. Lucky me. In the spirit of saving money we are using the food we have in our freezer - and yup that's why I'm cooking a turkey. While it's cooking I think I will try and tackle the spare bedroom and weed out some clothes as well. My my look at Ms Productive eh? Don't worry I will make up for it tonight by slacking like the slacker I am!

Hopefully tomorrow we'll be going to the Maple Syrup Festival - Mr Worker Bee thinks he may be too tired so I'm gonna have to be the cheerleader tomorrow when he gets home and rah-rah-rah him right out the door.

3 day weekends rock!

2:58 p.m. - 2010-03-26


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