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A time to laugh....a time to cry

It's nice when a 4 day weekend actually feels looong. Let's see if I can give a little re-cap of the mostly good (you'll understand what I mean by that later on) weekend.

Thursday Keith and I did the unexpected - we shopped - yup he allowed us to spend money! We bought a 3 inch memory foam mattress topper. I am so in love with that thing. Our mattress was comfy before but now it literally will not let you get out of bed in the mornings (this could turn out to be a bad thing I suppose).

Friday was absolutely gorgeous out and yet we managed to spend half of it in bed - yup too comfy. We eventually did go out for a walk - not before having a little blow-out cause we're crazy like that.

Saturday we left for my parents after Keith got off work. We pulled into the driveway and 2 minutes later my parents pulled in behind us. That's when my dad gave me the news that their (our) 19 year old cat died. Which wasn't unexpected cause she's been going downhill for a while....but as it turns out she didn't die from natural causes. My dad ran over her in the van. She was on the lawn and as he was backing in she dashed across the driveway - no one is sure why or what posessed her - did she see the vehicle? But the damage was done - she died shortly after. I was in shock when my dad told me, he teared up and I somehow managed to keep from crying. I now feel bad that I didn't give him a hug, I just sort of stood there trying to think of something to say that wouldn't sound dumb. I knew she was going to go someday (soon) but not this way. It was a harsh way to go.

The rest of the evening sort of had a pall over it. My dad felt super guilty and was pretty quiet (for him). Luckily having my little Danny boy in the house made things so much brighter. I held that baby every chance I got. He is growing so fast! And damn but he just keeps getting cuter! I even stayed up with him till 2am cause his mom was sleeping and his dad was sick with a cold. This is significant cause I had to get up at 6 am. Boy was I tired - but it was worth it.

Sunday was the Sunrise service at the old stone church (thus the 6am wake up call). It was warm in the church for once - I was even dare I say hot! That afternoon we had Easter dinner at my aunt and uncle's (well really it was in a small hall that they rented). The dinner was Amazing. My other sil (with the 3 kids) hogged my Danny boy time and I was being an ass and joking that my little man should 'spew' on her when she was burping him. After she handed him to me the baby brought up everything he has ever eaten in his whole 2 months of life on to me. Oh yes he did. I not only had to go to the bathroom to clean my shirt but I had to take off my bra because it had pooled in there! EW! Good thing he's cute. Plus I taught my older nephews and niece about karma cause I'm a good aunt like that.

Eventually we had to leave cause Keith had to be up in the middle of the night to work. We headed home but not before I changed my shirt and bra in the car!

Today I had an experiment in which I covered the clock in the bedroom so I couldn't look at it and decide if I had enough sleep by the numbers on the clock. Instead I let my body decide. It decided it wanted 11 hours of sleep it seems! I was a little lax-a-daisy with the day to begin with but eventually I got my butt in gear and I made it semi-productive. I worked out, I went and washed my car and then I stopped in at the thrift shop and shopped for 2 hours! The 2 hours was completely by accident. It was 50% off day and it was crazy busy and I was damned if I left there empty handed. Halfway through who walked by my but T! I kicked her in the butt and then we caught up and shopped together for the next hour. I walked out of there with one pair of work capris and 4 shirts for $20.

After that I headed home after grabbing a coffee and had a little rest (watched tv) and then back out to grocery shop. I thought I would have time to go for a walk before dinner but Keith surprised me by getting home early.

I am feeling a severe lack of motivation right now. I should be getting my lunch ready for work tomorrow and finding my house keys (they've disappeared).

*Hey good thing I wear slippers with think soles - I just killed a bug running at mock speed in the basement - seriously I was literally chasing this 'thing' .....shudder. Good times for working out tomorrow - don't expect me to lay on the floor anytime soon Wii trainer lady!

A'ight I will end this long ass entry by telling you about the wicked bruise I discovered on my abdomen yesterday. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there Friday cause the hubby and I had some adult fun and he swears it wasn't there but yesterday I discovered this huge ugly discolored bruise there. I have absolutely no idea how it got there. Huh. Story time over. G'night!

(Wow, an hour just went by from when I was supposed to hit 'done'. As I was proof reading it, I got a call on my computer - skype - it was my little Danny and his parents calling! It was my first skype call which is damn cool and makes me miss those crazy people even more!)

9:09 p.m. - 2010-04-05


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