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The Past & The Future - Weekends

Okay I have written an entry (okay partial entry) almost every day this week. They are sitting in my drafts folder in my email account. I know good intentions right?

There's no point in even getting in to what I did last weekend - okay the coles note version - went and saw a movie, stayed up late, got up late, bought a flat of strawberries for $5 then had to throw all said strawberries out as they were rotten to the core, just had fun with my boy. Sums it up nicely I think. I've been having these moments lately where Keith and I will be hanging out or running errands or whatever and we are just having this awesome time together and I can't help but step outside the situation and just appreciate how much I love this man and how great we are together. Mushy I know - but I felt it had to be said.

This weekend is starting to kick into high gear already. Although I have to admit I am a tad disappointed that today is not my Friday. This day has been my Friday for the last 3 weeks dangit! So anywho back to the weekend ahead. This weekend T's guy J is throwing her a surprise party. I have since found out that T knows of the party although her guy is hoping he convinced her it's cancelled...riiiight. But I'll go along with it anyway. I am the second in command! While J takes T out for her 'b-day present' which was originally horse back riding but has since turned into going to a museum (weather) I will be sneaking into their house via the garage with T's mom to set up the party and invite guests in. We're hoping to hold it in the back yard but if the weather is crappy it will be inside.

To add to the fun my friend S called and wants to come for a visit (her and our other friend A). The more the merrier I say. They won't be arriving till around 8pm Saturday so if the party fizzles out at T's then we'll just head back to my place to whoop it up.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell. Now just let me go check my email to see if there's anything important I forgot to mention!

Nope, I think that's about it! Now I am off to post this (and BTM I made sure to write this entry after reading yours - I always mean to update but keep forgetting then I get upset with others cause no one is updating - except you of course - and boy will I miss those daily updates once your little monkey arrives!). Ahem, sorry I got carried away there!

Oh and after I post I'm going to go play Family Feud over on FB cause it is dang addictive! Night!

9:14 p.m. - 2010-04-15


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