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I confessed to my boss this morning that I had a hangover when she asked how I was doing this morning. Before she could say anything I held my hand up and continued wasn't what she thought - I had a grease hangover! Boy was I feeling rough this morning. My tummy cannot handle grease anymore! I went out for wings last night with C and T. The wings were very yummy and I had no alcohol. Ah well chugging the pepto this morning was still worth it.

I was a VERY bad girl last night. After I left T and C I was driving home and then detoured to the mall. You see I had this certificate that if I spent $100 I got $50 off at the expensive plus size store that I LOVE. The certificate expired today. I made it my mission to find stuff - anything - but everything is so freakin' expensive. Who buys a pair of pants for $70 or a t-shirt for $49.99? I mean that's crazy talk. So I haunted the clearance racks and would not give up. I finally ended up with 5 tops. After the discount they came to $65 before tax which is damn decent. According to my receipt I saved $102 - that tells you just how expensive the tops were! I could have only got 4 and still made it to the $100 but the last top was $10 so I had to go for it. I know I know it was weak moment - there are no more certificates and I WILL be good from now on! But lets just keep this between you and I and not tell Keith okay? Good.

So I was a wee bit upset last night - twice actually - but let's talk about the first time right now. I worked out after work with the Wii (shocked me cause I didn't think I'd have time and if I did have time that I still wouldn't). Anywho after the Wii I thought what the heck let's step on the Wii scale - bad idea. It's not the fact that I wasn't even down it's that I was UP a few pounds. Really? Really?! Okay...okay so I drank and ate to my hearts content this past weekend and last week may have had several bad food choices But still I've been working out consistently dangit! Sigh. Sometimes I wonder why I work out but then I tell myself if I'm gonna eat the 'bad' stuff anyway then not working out would be worse - I can only make it better by still working out - maybe in time the eating will catch up.

Okay enough of that crappy discussion let's move on to the second upset of the night shall we? So I was pretty tired last night and am maybe just a tad over emotional due to said tiredness and maybe just a touch of the ol' PMS. So there we were the hubby and I playing a few rounds of Family Feud on FB - our newest game addiction when out of the blue I completely freaked out. I mean he got a little upset with me - we were both frustrated with a question and time was running out. So of course I slammed our laptop shut and declared I was going to bed and rushed upstairs in a tiff. Lame I know. But wow those hormones are powerful things eh? Normally I would just yell at him to 'THINK' - he's my brain when we play this but yah I over reacted just a wee bit.

I didn't get to bed till 11 which was dumb cause I'm still super tired from the weekend. Although I did sleep like a rock so that was good. I only awoke a couple times to glance at the clock - once at 1:30 and again at 6:30. I also awoke to a pretty interesting dream - I'll spare you the details but I will tell you that in my dream I was making out with my platonic roommate....who happened to be Keith! Woo - yay for making out with my hubby in a dream! Man that make out session was HOT I may have to try and re-enact that!



Hm scratch that re-enacting crap cause I am one cranky be-atch right now. I am going to spare you the ugly details of just how hormonal and off the wall I am and just bid you goodnight - cause if I don't go to bed now and end up going to bed at 11 or later life will get very ugly. Or at least much more bitchy! Kisses!

10:08 p.m. - 2010-04-20


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