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A late night rant about a stupid girl

I got out of bed to write this entry. Well not exactly. I got out of bed to go on to fb and then I had to post an entry before my head exploded. Remember an old 'friend' I wrote about a week or two ago? There was history and regret on my part and whatever.

Well I noticed today that she 'deleted' me from her friends. First I was shocked. Then I was angry. Then I was pissed. What is with the mindgames? I tried telling myself she's messed up and to just ignore it. So I went to bed about half an hour ago with this stewing on my mind. Finally I snuck out of bed (shhhh Keith is sleeping) and got up and sent her a message. I couldn't find her by name - under the radar - but she's friends with an ex (yah she's stupid if she thinks I couldn't trace her). I debated whether to send her a message or not. Finally I decided screw it - she's the one who contacted me not once but twice in the last few years and both times she's vanished or let's just say it - ditched me.

The message was civil - I just said I'm not sure what the point was of requesting my friendship just to delete me a few weeks later. But Whatever. I'm done. It's over. Highschool was many years ago and I have moved on. Have a nice life.

That was pretty much word for word. I feel a lot better. I don't want her to respond. I hope she just rolls her eyes and deletes it cause I'm not trying to start a word war here I just wanted her to know that I'm through playing her games and 'accepting' her friendship, from now on if she contacts me I'll just simply hit delete. My emotions got the best of me and I posted something on my status about how much people suck when they do this. Someone commented that people just like to nose through your pics and what not and then leave and that's exactly what I think this girl did. She looked at my pics, disected my life and probably had her friend give her hell for even contacting me. But now that I got this rant off my chest I can go to bed. I'm sorry I even had to let myself get this worked up and post an entry but I needed to record how I feel *right* at this moment cause being treated like dirt by an ex-friend is not a fun feeling and one I won't be experiencing again if I can help it.

Now off to bed. Hopefully real post in a day or two.

And I know I really shouldn't taint BTM by mentioning her in this entry but I am just so psyched she had her baby and all are doing well!!!

Deep breath....and goodnight!

11:05 p.m. - 2010-04-27


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