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Obsess much?

I think I may seriously have to take a step back from fb for a while! I'm a little...obsessive I guess you would say when I notice that someone has deleted me (yes it's happened again but this time I'm not sure by who!). Interesting enough I went to the little help screen and found out that if someone deletes you it CANNOT be a technical error as the person has to confirm deleting you. Good thing to know that my ex-friend C lied! Did I ever sum that saga up? No I don't think I did. Basically C sent me an email the next day saying that FB screwed up and deleted several of her friends HOWEVER she had second thoughts adding me again because of my attitude. I am THISCLOSE to sending her a message right now - I wouldn't write anything - I would copy and paste fb's response about being deleted. But do you know what I'm giving her too much power. She obviously isn't interested in maintaining a friendship so I'm letting it go. No really...I will.

Keith teased me earlier when I mentioned another friend ditched me earlier if I was going to write a list of my friends and tape it to the laptop to see who it is that ditches me. Um....yah I should just put the laptop down shouldn't I?

So I wrote this about my weekend, yesterday:

8:50 am

Monday morning. A beautiful Monday morning actually. The sun is shining and the weather is warm. It only makes sense though as it only seems to rain on the weekends around here. Let's finish up with the old business first shall we? My rant last Tuesday I believe.

So after I sent my little bitchy reply to my old 'friend' I received a message back the next day sometime in the afternoon. She claims that somehow fb deleted a few of her friends and she was just in the process of requesting friendship again with them BUT after my email to her she was having second thoughts about me. Everyone I spoke to about this fb deletions scoffed and said that didn't happen. But I decided to be the better person and send her an email apologizing - not for everything mind you - but going in to an explanation about why I acted the way I did and how after our friendship died she never cared. Basically I got a few things off my chest and then dumped it all back on her and said if she wanted to resume our 'friendship' on fb that would be cool but if not I understand. So far no word on her and honestly I don't expect one. She's a much different person than the sweet girl I knew in HS and time has changed her into a person I probably wouldn't be friends with now. So that's that.

Now on to the weekend re-cap. Tuesday of last week a co-worker I have morning coffee with told us that she was getting a cold - cue the eery music - Tuesday night I went to bed with a 'thick' throat - Wednesday morning I woke up with a slightly mucus-y throat by Wednesday evening it felt like razor blades every time I swallowed. Ah yes I was sick. I decided not to succumb to the bad feelings and just make the best of it. I headed to my parents on Wednesday and the trip down wasn't as fun as normal since I didn't feel like getting a coffee and couldn't sing along to my favourite cd's - 2 of my favourite all time things to do on a solo car ride! Thursday my mom and I headed in to T dot to see Mamma Mia. We had awesome seats. I enjoyed it immensely but also was able to admit that a few of the cast members weren't quite up to snuff - the critic the next day in the paper was not impressed with the cast - it was a touring U.S. cast and not a Canadian one. A few of the singers had weak voices - and these were the leads. But still I enjoyed every moment of it. Oh and there was an actor in the cast who I used to watch on daytime tv - M@thew Ashford (Jack) from Days if anyone remembers him. He was amazing in his part. I watched Days when I was a teen and that's when he was Big so that was pretty cool.

On our drive out of T dot there was a massive rooftop fire that my mom and I got to witness first hand. I whipped out my camera and my mom asked me what I was doing. Silly woman. We were at a standstill so it wasn't like we were moving anywhere. But it was pretty neat to watch that all go down. 60 firemen had the fire out within 30 minutes. Eventually my mom and I found a place for dinner - it was after 6:30 and I was beyond starving. We sat down, placed our order and proceeded to wait....and wait....watching people who came after us get their food. Finally our waiter came running over frantically and apologizing profusely. He had put our order in but the computers had frozen and he didn't realize our order wasn't in it until he noticed that everyone else's order was coming up but ours. He put our order in asap and again apologized and also gave us 20% off our meal. My mom and I were cool with it, cause that's how we roll. After eating we quickly went to the mall where I had to prove my mom right that there was a Kernel's in the mall - of course we bought some!

Friday I had planned to go home after having lunch with my parents. The plans changed slightly when we decided to go visit my grandma - of course when we tried calling there was no answer and she lives an hour away so we didn't want to just drive over. After lunch we came home to find that they called and so we headed off to visit them. It's hard seeing my gram cause she's always been small and fragile but now she's even more so plus her memory is getting so bad. She remembers who we are and everything it's just that she repeats herself every few minutes so you end up explaining the same thing over and over to her. She's always been a quiet person but she had a certain feistyness to her that seems to be missing now. I just hope she has a good life. That sounds weird I know. After the visit I headed back to my parents. If I wasn't sick I would probably have headed home even though it was 7 o'clock but the cold was making me feel like crap and I was pretty dopey. So I stayed another night. Of course I then got up at 7am cause my parents had to head out for 8am - so much for sleeping in on a Saturday!

Yesterday was my laziest day of all. In fact it was so lazy that I actually was upset about how I wasted the day away. Apparently I need structure - ie a reason to get showered and leave the house or else....I don't. I was very lethargic yesterday and kept wanting to nap - I'm sure being sick didn't help matters.


2 more hours left of the day. I can do this. So I had a surprise visitor a few hours ago. I am at reception today and who walks in but my ex P. He is in town helping his mom out - he lives in Nova Scotia. We actually had a pretty decent conversation - even though we were interrupted several times. I am evil cause I found it funny that he totally regrets getting married and is now a 'yes dear' kind of man. Sucka.


Mkay so now we are in the 'present'. I had another surprise visitor at work today - S! She had a few reasons for being here so she popped in and surprised me on my lunch hour. We went for a walk and had a good little chat. I should be seeing her in couple weekends when she throws herself a trailer park birthday theme party.

Well since this is long enough and I am super tired thanks to not sleeping well the last two nights due to COUGHING COUGHING COUGHING I am gonna end this now.

I think I am gonna have to pick up some more books at the library and read read read this summer and like I said step away from fb for a while!

9:44 p.m. - 2010-05-04


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